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  1. Hello lovelies, Has anyone had facial thread lift done? I recently had a consult with a known Cosmetic Lounge and although it was informative, it was rushed (I waited an hour past my appointment time slot to be seen as there was a client in the room who looked to have threading done and was in a bit of a situation).. << that also didn't exactly sell it to me.. I thought I would go in to concentrate on lips and botox (never had botox and had 1ml lip filler elsewhere 3 years ago). The Owner had finished giving me a full facial consultation about what she advised for me (
  2. YES! I watched that! I love his snaps wish Dr M would hurry up and post some too! You look great! I thought Dr T did a tremendous job! Wow such a difference and you'll be feeling so good! It's great to finally feel normal in that area, finally feeling womanly! hope you're healing well hun xx If you're on insta follow me > boo_bees_xo xx
  3. I didn't have a lift, I didn't need one it would've been an extra scar on each boob from the bottom of the areola to the breast fold scar underneath (anchor lift) if I did.
  4. Lauren try looking at Dr Miroshniks website in the tuberous breasts gallery xx I see your photo, yeah mine have taken months to get to where they are so don't be too disheartened about any sort of shape at the moment. I know it's a long time to wait and a lot of patience. Even 12months later sometimes they're only just getting to their final shape and position. I'm now 8 and a half months and my cleavage is still going down/skin stretching out to accommodate them. And for above.. http://cdn.intechopen.com/pdfs/33481/InTech-Tuberous_breast_clinical_evaluation_and_surgical_
  5. mine were so swollen and round when i woke up! that was so quick 45min? yep dr m is a perfectionist lol.. the worst post op I think is the sleeping sitting up kinda on a slant. Do you have to do that? I had drains in eith side of my boobs till the next night when i went back to see dr m at his office. post up some pics we wanna see your boobs!! lol rest up! xx
  6. Can't wait to see your results!! my surgery lasted about 2 and a half hours for all the scoring and moving the tuberous tissue around to get great shape inside and cleavage. Dr m came out to see my in recovery after a few hours and told me he moved alot of the tuberous tissue around to give me good definition Plus the resizing and stitching of the areolas.. he said that I had literally hundreds of stitches inside of me and they would dissolve except for the permanent areola stitches underneath the skin. Thanks doll! Can't wait to see your updates xx
  7. Ahh I'm jealous you get to have 560CC HP!! God I bet they're going to look A-Mazing!! I also had my crease lowered! it was necessary to fit the implant and to fix the tube boob / lower pole. I didn't have much asymmetry either, the only thing I've ever noticed about my old boobies was the left was always slightly smaller, but not noticeable! I'll log back into my boob instagram and add you It is the best feeling in the world, like a weight off your shoulders! haha when it's really weight put on them lol How exciting! Friday is only 2 days away!! I'll be at a weddi
  8. Hi Rhiannon! I'm 8 months on from my surgery and I'm great! best thing I ever did for myself!! There are a few of us mildly tuberous ladies on here, some of us have had our areolas resized and have permanent stitches under our skin so that they don't stretch out with the stretching of our boob skin to accommodate our new implants, ans some of the girls haven't needed to get that done and look absolutely amazing! I did have my areolas resized and do have the permanent stitches underneath feels weird when I feel under the scars (rim of the areolas) haha but I don't mind t
  9. LaydeeTJ

    June 2015

    I'm still floating around! I'm in love with my boobs and the scars are coming along nicely and started to go skin colour and they're becoming less noticeable. But as Dr M said, my cleavage is taking a looooong time to settle in the middle.. it could still sit flat against my sternum by another half a cm I reckon cause I can push down the skin lol.. I was worried for ages but seems to just take its time with stretching etc. Could also be how much weight I put on before and after surgery..?? I'm still weirdly numb on both my lower poles from the scoring of tissue (I was tuberous).. but not as
  10. I've never been on the pill in my entire life. Dr M never mentioned any of that to me either.
  11. Hey doll, Seen this just now and although I see it was in Dec, just thought I'd let you know I had my surgery with Dr M & mine were tuberous grade 1, ended up being $18k altogether (his fees,anesthetist,hospital stay,garment,aftercare). Well worth it and having peace of mind you're going with the best and if there was to be an issue after surgery within 5years I think he said, they do your revision free but you would need to pay the anesthetist and the private hospital fee (health cover helps). I had my areolas resized and permanent stitches put in under them so they wouldn't stretch out.
  12. I am 2 days away from 7months PO and having been tuberous all my lower pole was released inside to allow for it to fan out properly.. both my lower poles are still numb. Nipples are fine though, lucky! TJ xx
  13. Dr Miroshnik did mine 6months ago, recommend him highly! All the very best x
  14. and im absolutely satisfied I went with dr miroshnik ???
  15. http://orangecountycosmeticsurgery.com/breast-augmentation-healing-process/ I found this page on the web today, had a good read, quite a bit of info if you're interested.
  16. Hey doll, I reported that scam email to mods already and they are deleting that account. xx
  17. Thankyou so much for sharing your story love hearing everyone's journey and I'm sure future girls that read this will also hope you're doing great!
  18. Yep make a BA account you will love all the other BA accounts you can follow and see how they're all going x also did you request me on a normal insta account?
  19. If you have a BA account on insta you can request me boo_bees_xo
  20. No worries I need to put some more photos up as I'm past 2months PO now lol I got anatomical 375cc moderate plus profile, it was between that or the 390's. He said which ever looks better he would use. The 375's had more width for me. I wanted to get D/DD's as a result and those were the biggest I was allowed to go I absolutely 100% trusted him with everything, he's the best surgeon, beyond amazing. The other girls in my group had 330's, they all look amazing! 1cc is pretty much 1ml. I've attached the implants I got below and underlined mine
  21. Go with the reduction you wont regret it! You would regret it if you didn't I think. I first put the tape on last night and I can see a bit of the redness going already slightly. I know the feeling of being alone with it and this place is amazing to find others with the same story as you I've met a few girls on here that I still talk with with my similar story & I love it! Especially all recovering together lol. I'll see if I can invite you to my albums x I have anatomical, over the muscle placement I was told that having the tuberous breasts fixed before kids is better in some cases
  22. No worries! Glad to help, I know what it's like to be a tube boob! get the reduction but don't suprised if they're the same size as before, just know they have the stitches underneath so they wont stretch out like eggs! Me & a cpl of other girls in the same circumstance have found that our boobs can still look pointy sometimes or in certain temperatures (warm/cold) only at the areola/nipple. When I look back at my old pre-op photos I can understand why, when I see how they sat beforehand and the drs can't do anything to the areolas tissue underneath. But they pretty much look fantastic!
  23. Hey there! Im currently 8weeks PO. I was tuberous and had an areola reduction, but they're pretty much the same size as before, just they have stitches under them so they don't stretch out. But just remember the skin stretches out so you're best to get a reduction unless you want huuuuge areolas. I went with Dr Miroshnik in Sydney, he's amazing. Added in edit - My scars are still pink but they've come a long way since week 3 when my dressings were taken off for the first time! I can't wait to see them completely healed!
  24. Thank you Rad! I have had a pretty good recovery I must say, even the pain I had I'm sure is alot less than most people! Even the amount I was swollen and stretched didn't seem to bother me. The most pain I was in was my own fault, when I pulled an internal stitch 2 days PO, was like a sharp stinging pain when I moved for about a week, it slowly got better and every now & then I can feel a slight tug where it was so I guess it must of healed up almost now lol. Thanks Flatty! the valium is good to sleep as a tummy sleeper it really helped me with sleeping on my back and upright a bit..
  25. It's the start of week 3 for me today this week I feel excellent! Last week I started back at work and I was capable (office job) just can't lift heavy etc. I've almost got full stretching capabilities back. I had 1 or 2 sharp stitch pains for a split second this morning inside. I'm feeling great! The only thing different was that I woke up this morning with an achey cleavage.. I'm wondering if that's because it is going down still and stretching the skin to fit the implants. Or if it's because I actually want to do a massive stretch lol. I still look at them in the mirror and they still seem
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