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    Redland Bay
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    I am undergoing a Breast Augmentation on Thursday, 27 February 2014.
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    Dr Peter Val 27/2/14
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    Executive Assistant
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    Horse Riding, Running, Water Skiing, Wakeboarding.
  1. Hi darl, from about 3 weeks I went to a few events without a bra. I was mildly uncomfortable after 3 or so hours. I think it's fine, I'm 6 weeks now and I haven't slept with a bra on for over 2 weeks xxx
  2. To be honest I think you're a little crazy, and I mean that in the nicest way possible. If that's you in your picture you really don't need all of the surgery that you're looking at getting, and if you have some reason to believe that the surgeon isn't up to date with the latest techniques and training (I think you're just assuming that) then why the hell are you engaging him in the first place. Crazy girl, save your money on surgery and go to a 'learn to love yourself' seminar. You don't need lipo and cheek implants and all these other things.
  3. I was told I needed to be in Thailand for a week post op?
  4. If I was him, I would have gotten the shits with someone copying data off the internet and sending it. I would be thinking '*****, I've studied for 10+ years, don't be sending me some **** you copy and pasted off a website'. He seemed to get the shits at that point. There's nothing wrong with asking questions but a lot wrong with trying to educate the expert.
  5. I had planned to go to Thailand and then I heard about TCI. I did the research, punched the numbers and TCI came out on top in every way. My main selling point with TCI was that I could be home, in the comfort of my house, 2 days post surgery and that if anything was to go wrong my family and friends were only 1 hour away instead of a 9 hour international flight away. I couldn't recommend TCI highly enough (read my post under experiences called 'can't believe my recovery').
  6. I went with 390cc under HP and I'm happy with that choice. I was a B before I started and will know what size I end up with in a few weeks, I asked for a DD.
  7. TCI is an incredible place, truly first class. I have pics in my album now of my results 1 week post op so feel free to friend me!
  8. Send an email. There is absolutely no need to disclose what it is. Example email to new boss: Dear ______, Please be advised that I had been booked in for a medical procedure on Wednesday, 4 June. Due to availability of the surgeon there is limited capacity to change this time. I am hopeful that you will allow me to take annual leave on June 5 - 6. I anticipate that I will have adequate annual leave accrued by this time to cover this period. I apologise for not mentioning this during the interview procedure, it slipped my mind during the excitement. Many thanks in advance, _________.
  9. No. Way. Even if you can comfortably sit in a chair (you won't be able to, no matter what drugs you take) you won't be allowing your body enough time to recover. You shouldn't be returning to work until the next week. Believe me, your body will need the rest. I had my surgery on a Thursday morning and returned to work the following Wednesday, this was a good amount of time to rest, recover and let my swelling go down.
  10. I had my BA on Thursday, 27 February with Dr Val at The Cosmetic Institute. I am a Brisbane girl so I flew down on Wednesday morning with my Mum and had my consult on Wednesday morning. Dr Val immediately relaxed me and my Mum (a hard task!) and I left there feeling excited, confident and very ready for my surgery. Dr Val is highly professional, passionate and listens intently to what his patients wish to achieve. I am thrilled with my choice of surgeon and would highly recommend him. The surgery itself was a breeze. I was admitted at 8:30am and put into my gown and booties and sexy hair net and sat on a beautiful hot blanket next to another lovely girl from Tasmania who was having her surgery that morning. The anaesthetist inserted a canular into my arm and talked to me about what to expect, then Dr Val took some photos, did some drawings and we had a final chat about sizing and placement. I was walked into the operating room, laid on the bed, I told the nurse I was nervous and then goodnight nurse! That is the last thing I remember before waking up in the recovery room feeling a little drowsy but otherwise great. The nurse sat me up and helped me get dressed, walked me to a recliner and gave me water and biscuits. I felt amazing! Bright and chirpy and pain free, the only noticeable change was a tight feeling in my chest. My mum was then brought in to see me – so good to have a familiar face! The nurse then gave us both a post-care briefing and called me a taxi. I spent the remainder of the day in my apartment relaxing and watching a movie. I felt incredibly normal other than a tight feeling in my chest. I have used Panadol forte previously for back pain and found it provided me little relief so I skipped that and started straight on endone. I can honestly tell you that I did not, and have not, felt a single ounce of pain from my BA by using endone every four hours for the first 4 days. Hot tip – set your alarm for 4 hours after you have gone to sleep to make sure you stay on top of the pain. Don’t wait until you’re waking up uncomfortable or in pain to take your next tablet. I flew home to Brisbane on Saturday afternoon and Saturday was probably my toughest day, I felt tired and was just eager to get home. Unfortunately we had a 5pm flight but had to check out of the room at midday which meant a bit of stuffing around, the pouring rain didn’t help! I had my 1 week post-op check-up last night with my local GP and amazingly the incisions have healed incredibly well. They are SO small (about an inch long) and very faint. I had absolutely no bruising at any stage following my surgery, the worst part was swelling on the sides of my rib cage near my underarms, the majority of that has now subsided completely. I returned to work on Wednesday, 5 March exactly 1 week post op and this was adequate time for recovery. For anyone travelling to TCI for the BA or any other surgery, I stayed at Fiori apartments for the sole reason of price and space. I paid about $560 for a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment which meant we had a full kitchen and me and mum weren’t on top of each other. It isn’t fancy and yes there are finger prints on the glass and a few marks on the walls , but the linen and bathrooms are clean and the rooms are quiet so it was perfect for us. The convenience store directly downstairs is a bonus too. I was perfectly happy with staying here, especially the very short walk to TCI, the train station and Westfield. I have had a fabulous experience with TCI and my BA and 1 week and 1 day post op I am 100% pain and medication free and looking forward to life with my new assets. I have nothing but positive things to say about Dr Val and if you’re unsure about which surgeon to go with, he is your man!
  11. I was very nervous about recovery but so far it has been a breeze. Minimal discomfort although I do wake up every few hours (like now). I really can't get over the professionalism of everyone at TCI, I am thrilled with my decision to go there and can't wait to be posting pics of the new girls in a weeks time when the swelling starts to subside.
  12. I have sent you a Fr Lyndy, I had my op yesterday at CI and would love to follow your recovery ?
  13. Hahaha how funny! Yes I had my luggage. Surgery this morning was brilliant, I'm sitting in my room watching tv. I've had a great day, only slept for 1 hour! I had a change of implant size and position last night as I was getting nervous that I wouldn't be happy with the final result. We settled on 390cc high range. Swelling didn't really start until 2pmish and has extended well under my arms towards my back. Not too much swelling around the front yet which is great - I was prepared for monoboob! Feeling so good and zero nausea or drowsiness and no pain, just a tight feeling
  14. Quite possibly! Blonde hair in a white tshirt with my blonde mum.
  15. Consult was brilliant, Dr Val is fabulous and answered all of our questions and has put my mind at ease completely. I am going into tomorrow's surgery feeling confident and excited with nil reservations. Can't wait!!!
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