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    Breast augmentation: Pre-op 10B, had Mentor 300cc round smooth moderate profile plus under the muscle, now measure 10D
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    Dr Poonsak/Bangkok Hospital Phuket - 13 February 2014

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  1. PS I don't like the high unnatural look so that's why I choose the mod+ profile. I have photos on my profile if you want to look, haven't updated them since they have settled and dropped though, but they look very natural and I can get away with just nipple covers in tops and dresses if I want which is awesome!
  2. I had no idea about cc's before I went over, I googled stacks of photos but every girl measures differently so it's really hard to tell and I got terribly confused. The best idea is to take photos over of the look you like to show your surgeon. They will measure you up and tell you your max size and just trust they know what they are doing! I'm 60kg / 170cm and mine said I could go up to 350's but he recommended only 325's. I was freaking out they would be way too big and look unnatural. I ended up with 300's. In the end 25cc would have been fine anyway (not much volume diff), and I do actually wish I'd gone with his recommendation as I got a bit of boob greed! But I love them and I can't wait for summer, so sick of hibernating in winter, I want to get them out!
  3. Thanks for that info. Any clue as to what brands we have in Australia and can you get them from our chemists? I use New Gel Plus silicone scar strips on my BA incisions, they were recommended by Breast Care WA which deal with patients who have undergone breast surgery including cosmetic and mastectomy's. New Gel Plus is an American company.
  4. Definitely don't go alone babe, you'll need some help post surgery showering, changing, lifting things. My recovery seemed to be relatively easy compared to a lot of girls but I still needed help for the first 3-4 days. I must say going overseas seems to me a lot easier than getting surgery at home because you don't have to worry about daily things like cooking, cleaning, driving, the day to day domestic stuff etc. so you can relax and recover a lot more. If you don't have someone to go with I suggest a group travel option, dee envy's suggestion sounds great (I hate cosmetic travel company's too!)
  5. Good luck!! I was more excited than nervous, just the thought of getting boobies made me giddy with glee! Just listen to your body post-op and don't do anything you feel may cause it strain, everyone is different with their recovery. I hope you have an enjoyable experience like I did! I'm almost 5 weeks post-op now, can barely see my scars and I love having boobs!! I can't wait to be able to wear a normal bra and normal clothes and show them off. Oh I'm so excited for you!! Let us know how it all goes
  6. No problems, if I can help with anything let me know :)

  7. Hi there! Just sent a FR, read your story on a post and it was so helpful! I go for my BA in bangkok in November, and i'm already sooo excited!

  8. I just had all the bandages from surgery on and wasn't allowed to remove them or shower until my first check up, 3 days later and then the surgeon put on the waterproof bandages... I guess each surgeon is different, but I can tell you not showing for 3 days wasn't pleasant!!
  9. - Extra waterproof bandages (they peel off in sweat and heat overseas). - Laxatives, some girls get constipated from the meds really bad (thankfully I didn't!) - Extra compression bra/sports bra (so you can wear one while washing the other... Again you get sweaty in the heat) - Baby wipes/face wipes (you can't shower for 3 days post-op... It is gross!) - Laptop with lots of movies/books/mags - Bikini top that will hide your bandages (so you can still tan) Couple tips: - Train yourself to sleep on your back at least a month before you go so you'll be used to it - Get your hair washed and blow dried at a day spa, worth the 300 baht for not having to do it yourself! - I went to the chemist post-op and got Valium (it's over the counter in Thailand) to aid sleeping, I had the hardest most uncomfortable hotel bed and sleeping in my back on that was a nightmare!
  10. Thanks KiKi, that's a really interesting thread! Cheers so much for the link
  11. This is one of the most useful threads I've come across!! The difference is amazing! Lots to look forward to... Only 3.5 weeks post-op... can't wait to see how my girls will look when they drop! Thanks to the original poster
  12. You can get medical insurance for overseas cosmetic procedures, that may give you peace of mind
  13. Great post! And some great tips for those having surgery at home. I trained myself to sleep on my back months before my surgery as I'm naturally a side sleeper!
  14. PS I've been reading up on TCI - be aware they have mostly cosmetic surgeons not plastic surgeons (which have more training - they have a page on their site on this), they have their own clinic so it's day surgery (means they cut hospital fees out - there's a page on that too) and from reading forum posts you don't get heavy duty pain meds. I had an overnight stay, was on a pethidine drip, and for my take home meds got a muscle relaxant, codeine with paracetamol (Pandeine Forte strength), anti-inflammatory (Celebrex) with a course of antibiotics. In Thailand Valium is over the counter, so to assist sleeping on my back I had one of those at night which knocked me out and I didn't feel groggy the next day either. One girl on one of the posts said it was worth the extra money paying to stay in a private hospital here while going through TCI just so she could get better pain meds. But we all experience pain in different ways and I have a pretty high pain tolerance so for me it was a really easy surgery. So just something else to take into consideration!
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