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  1. Thanks for your response Jaddles, I hope you're right and that they don't hurt too much. How long was your recovery time, how many days should I have off work? Thanks!
  2. I was sized a lot later, 3 months, only because I could tell that they were still dropping, I'm glad I waited because originally I was trying on D's weeks post op but when I got actually sized as an E. Its hard waiting but could save you money completely up to you.
  3. Completely normal darl. Don't let your fears stand in the way. Good luck
  4. Hi! You are fine to lie in the sun, as long as your scars are covered, they are not allowed to be exposed to the direct sun for the first 12 months x
  5. you're kidding!? what happened if you don't mind me asking.
  6. Hi bigbooty. Thanks for your advise. have you had an internal suture done before?? Thanks x
  7. My pocket closed to quickly on my left implant so it didn't have time to drop and the right one dropped too far. x
  8. Hi, I travelled from Canberra, I know its not as far, but I stayed 2 nights in Sydney. You need to at least stay for 24 hours in case, worst case scenario happens, you are close by. I didn't get to choose my 'type' on implant, the surgeon was very certain on which one he want to use. I did get to chose the size though, along with his recommendation. Although I do need revision surgery, I wouldn't worry too much about it, just do your research and make sure you ask a million questions in your consultation Good luck xo
  9. I was quoted $3,000 from TCI for revision including the new bigger implant. But I don't know if you have to be a pre-existing client, I would definitely look into it though!
  10. They quoted me $3,000 and it includes implants, I think its pretty good.
  11. Thanks everyone! No I'm going to the same surgeon. They said they could be easily fixed as they aren't a severe case. My surgeon said that he would put in an internal suture on the right so it wouldn't drop even with the new implants and expand the left pocket only slightly. Should I go ahead with the procedure, I've called them and booked a time. I'm just worried that I will come out worse then I already am, its my only concern...
  12. Thanks for getting back to me Donatella! He said that the left one is just being stubborn and the pocket has now closed it in place, being why its higher, and the right one has dropped too far, heading to bottoming out. Changing to a large CC size is my choice as I was persuaded by family to go smaller and I'm not happy with them.
  13. Hi, I was hoping I could get some advice on revision surgery. I got my first BA in June 2014 at TCI in Sydney, 450cc silicone cohesive textured, under the muscle. Nearly 11 months on and I am deciding if I should have revision surgery due to the my left breast sitting quite high and being very hard, and the right one is sitting lower then it should and it very soft and moves around a bit too much. I want to get bigger CCs too as I thought the ones I chose would be large enough, but I have quite broad shoulders, the surgeon has suggested 615cc - 650cc What is the pain like for getting replacement's and possible getting a shelf in my right and a bigger pocket in my left. If anyone wants to see a photo please let me know, and if anyone has advise or feedback please let me know! I want to get this figured out as soon as possible. Thanks!
  14. Hey gg14 I have my breast augmentation booked for June 6th, I have 10 days off work (including weekends). I work in an office and my surgeon said that it was plenty of time! I didn't tell my boss, as it is Winter and I will just wear big jumpers to hide them, I think in any case though they are eventually going to find out. Emliz, your surgeon can write you a certificate, I am getting one, although I'm not sure what it will say on it and if you could use it for 'sick leave'. If you talk to your surgeon he will be able to let you know. Hope this helps! x
  15. Hello, I'm new at this so help me out I'm looking for a clinic in Canberra that does really good BA's, can anyone recommend a place? what did you get and the price I'm looking at. I want to get Furry Brazilians but they quoted me $11'500, is that normal? What is everyone experience with these, do they become soft eventually? Thanks!
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