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    Breast Augmentation
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    Dr Michael Miroshnik 27-7-14 Mentor CPG Cohesive III 330cc Anatomic DualPlane
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  1. I love mine! Best decision ever! Super happy with the results. I hope everything went well with her revision too. Is Jmac the only person requiring revision from our group?
  2. My surgeon gave me a list of supplements that I should stop 2 weeks prior to surgery and Vitamin C was definitely one of them. Check with ur surgeon.
  3. I was back on day 9. Bit intrusive for them to ask exactly what procedure u had. I told mine that I was getting a procedure done, but was not comfortable discussing the details. They respected that.
  4. I'm 160cm, 55-57kg, pre-op10AA-A. I got 330cc and now I'm 10D
  5. Hey girls, are all ur boobs dropping at different times?
  6. I had mine at 2 weeks, then next one was 7 weeks. The 3rd one which will be about 5 months.
  7. I had my BA done with Dr M and he gave me very natural results. 8 weeks post op now and couldn't be happier =).
  8. Ciara

    Spray tan

    I'm 8 weeks post op and getting a spray tan this week. Dr M said to wear my micropore tape over the incision and spray over that.
  9. My surgeon gave me a list, and vitamin c was definitely one of them.
  10. I'm still size 8 for bikini but it does look like one big wave might pop those girls out. Before my BA, if my bikini slips I'm like 'meh' no major loss, nothing there to see anyway, but now I definitely feel more protective.
  11. Oh no! I'm glad u found what was wrong and I hope everything goes well with ur surgery JMac. Xoxo!
  12. I had BA with Dr Miroshnik 8 weeks ago. He's a fantastic surgeon. I barely had any pain.
  13. I had dual plane. Other than the discomfort of stretching skin, I wouldn't describe my recovery as painful. For pain relief I had panadol, diazepam (muscle relaxant) and meloxicam (analgesic + anti-inflammatory). I was prescribed Endone but didn't need it.
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