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  1. Hi Rhyssa6, I totally understand where you are coming from. I too have worn my binder religiously for near 8 weeks and now only wear it of an evening if I feel I need it - but rarely. I do wear spanks everyday to work as I feel I need the support or feel better for wearing them and find it keeps any swelling at bay. I am also keen on starting my gym work/exercise next week. I felt it best to leave it for 3 months post op but I have managed my walks ok. I must admit I do miss my gym work but feel scared in returning to it!! What I have found with my work is that when I am on my feet all day - by the evening I feel tighter due to slight swelling but I also feel more discomfort and I think this is because all the nerve endings are starting to come together. I noticed this more when I remove my tape to change it on a weekly basis it is starting to hurt but before it didn't!! So I think the nerve ending are doing their work and the numbness is going away. Lets hope my tummy starts to feel normal soon.
  2. I had Dr Adrian Knox for a TT & MR on 24/3/2014. I found him very professional and a great surgeon. My results have been great and his team is also so supportive. His ongoing care is also good. He takes his time to ensure all your questions are covered and he even will reschedule for another appointment if everything isn't covered or you think of other things you need to ask. I also have a friend who was so happy with my results that she has gone ahead with a TT today with Dr Knox.
  3. Hoping all went well with your surgery
  4. I'm 11 weeks post-op and feel norming know that swelling can still occur. I have just accepted it as part of the healing process. I don't wear my binder during the day anymore but still wear some sort of shape wear to keep the area firm and this seems to help with swelling - especially on days when I'm on my feet all day.
  5. I would definitely see a PS for their opinion and costings. A PS will also repair your hernia during the TT and they normally do the procedure with Medicare numbers but it depends on how much they charge over the schedule fee.
  6. I am so glad all went well with your surgery Lady Luck. Apparently there are more changes with Health funds coming up. Plastic surgeons received notification of the proposed changes - especially BUPA?? I think. My surgeon is now giving his patients a letter to send to their health funds to confirm that they will be covered - even for their hospital stay. This is being done so the patients have something in writing from their funds so they can't go back on their word. It seems like the health funds are considering not to approve hospital stays until after surgery!! They are wanting to change this after June 2014!! Plastic surgeons are up in arms about it and are looking at challenging these changes. I know what you mean about your girdle/binder. I wore mine for 6 weeks and had no regrets. I always wore a cotton singlet and placed the binder over it so there was no irritation and if I did get warm - the single would absorb any moisture. I sometimes changed the singlet twice a day. I also found by wearing a singlet against my skin also prevented any marks on my skin from the binder. At the six week mark you should have no problems going out. This is my opinion only - but I would wear a pair of compression undies/spanks if you are going to be out all day and on your feet. About the heals - it depends on how high they are and if you will feel comfy and what your posture is like. I found that when I returned to work at the 6 week mark - by the end of the day I felt like I was starting to hunch over again but it may not have been as bad as I thought. You may find at 6 weeks you have no issues!! Wishing you a speedy recovery. xx
  7. Hi Cline88, I had Dr Adrian Knox from the St George & Sutherland Plastic Surgery Centre. He is a PS at St George Private Hospital and I believe other hospitals too. I was extremely happy with my results and the before and after care received both from him and his staff. I only had the TT & MR with him but he also does all other PS or reconstructive surgeries including breasts and lipo. I had some lipo done only in the pubic area which was included as part of the TT and not separately. Apparently when they start quoting for separate lipo work it becomes expensive with the hospital costs and it's not covered by Medicare or Health funds. Hope this helps.
  8. Time will fly - wishing you all the best for your journey. You will not regret it!!
  9. Here is hoping all went well with your op and you are recovering well. Looking forward to hear about your journey.
  10. Thanks SoExcited. Yes it went well. I suppose from the beginning of this journey we all have some fears but I must admit that I have surprised myself a lot. It really has not been as bad as I thought and that includes the pain levels for someone that has a low threshold of pain!!
  11. 6 Week Post-Op Update Yesterday was my first date back at work and surprisingly I survived it. I am so happy that I had an extra week at home and didn't push to go to work. I was exhausted by the time I got home but coped with the walking to and from the station and being at work. I did find sitting at my desk a lot more challenging than I thought. I suppose you sit a lot more upright than what you would if you sat on a lounge at home. What I did find though was that I sat for most of the day and when I did get up I felt a little stiff and possibly a little hunched over initially but later I was ok. Today, I made sure I went for a walk at lunch and in the fresh air which made me feel a lot better too. I also made sure that I got up at least every hour as well. At work I am able to wear casual clothing due to the nature of my work which is easy. Yesterday, I wore jeans to work which were loose around my waist and without a belt but I also wore my compression undies that go up to just under my bra and my binder too. It felt good having the support and I also did the same today. I ended up buying a few of these undies from KMART as I find that support me well and I feel that this is the best way to let go of my binder too - but everyone is different I suppose. Last Friday I had my 2nd follow up appointment with surgeon and he is so happy with my progress and my scar. I suppose they need to be happy with the outcome and results as these reflect on their 'business' and recommendations for future patients. He was a little critical that the scar wasn't equal on both sides just above the pubic area but OMG what a difference there is compared to what was there. I could not be happier and the way I look is 110% better than before. I could not express enough to my surgeon on how happy I was to the point I was teary!! I have asked my surgeon for a copy of my before and after shots that he has taken and as soon as I receive them - I will post them up here. I have been blessed not to have had any infections or issues with my scars. My surgeon wishes for me to continue covering my scar with the steri-strips until I see him in 3 months. He feels by doing this - it will keep the scar to a minimum and also keep it flat. He also said that the scar looks faint now but it will become darker and more prominent before it starts to fade and disappear around the 6-12 month mark - so I should not be shocked if this happens!! I showed him my concern with the end of my scar on the right hand side which they refer to it as a little 'dog ear'. He said that is quite common but it all depends on your skin and the main reason it has happened to me is that I have some stretch marks which don't help. He did ask that I wait until my next appoint in July, where he will assess it again, but he feels that it will need to be revised. If this is the case - it can be done in his surgery with no down time and I am happy with that. Overall I could not be happier with my results and journey to date. I hope everyone is travelling well on their journeys. xx
  12. Hey Frankie, So good to see that you are doing well. I saw my surgeon on Friday and was given clearance to go back to work and he told me that swelling can occur in the tummy region for anything unto 3 months! GRRRRR!!! It takes this time for all to heal properly both outside & inside for the scars. I miss my workouts in the gym and can't wait to go back but know that it will be another month or so before I can get back to normal with my exercise routines. Off to bed early - 1st day at work tomorrow!! Will post an update after tomorrow. xx
  13. Hi Lady Luck & Gnome. How exciting!! Good luck with your journeys - one that you won't regret at all. It is true that the less time in hospital the less chances of getting infections. My surgeon also stated this and is one reason he doesn't leave drains in and let you go home with them in. I was in for 6 nights but felt that this was best for me - others have less but everyone is different with their needs. I had issues with nausea and my bowels which made me feel unwell. Once everything was ok and I felt well, I went home and that was the best decision for me. Your doctor will support you and your needs. Everyone is different with their recovery and pain threshold. If your pain is under control - your recovery with go smoothly. I slept in my own bed from the first day I was at home and just propped myself up with lots of pillows behind my back and under my knees. I also had a chair that I was going to use in the shower but I never needed to use it. I just made sure that when I had a shower - someone was at home if I needed help or felt dizzy. The best advice I could give anyone is - make sure your pain relief is under control for the first 2 weeks at home - which means take meds religiously even if you don't think you need it as it takes ages to catch up. Also rest, rest, rest - especially for the first few weeks. Accept any help that is offered to you and don't over do it. Gnome - it so sad that you feel like you haven't had support on this forum and I'm not sure why but feel for you. I only came across this forum a few weeks before my surgery and have had nothing but support from most members that are reading these threads - both from members that have been there or about to have their surgery. I have also read stories of other member's experiences and hints. It's so nice to be able to compare what you are going through and know that what you are going through is normal but also be given any advice that can help. I'm happy to assist or answer any questions that people may have on this sight - just like other's have shared theirs and helped me. Take care and good luck with your surgeries. xx
  14. Glad to hear you are home Simone. Nothing better than your own bed and place - Also being home to your family. Rest up and as you said follow your Dr's advice and whatever keeps you comfortable.
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