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  1. Crop top....amazing feeling isn't it....wait till you can go strapless in a summer top...the feeling is like no other....freedom maybe?? :-) Hope your issues are resolved quickly and you can enjoy your new look happy healing
  2. Great Idea...I agree once op is done..people move on...I am a part of a world wide FB page and I think because its always having questions and picture updates..its a lot more active...I know that the ability to ask questions like ,,,"is this normal " etc and having ladies offer suggestions or set my mid at ease with has helped my greatly during recovery. I'll start...had op on 16th Oct...best thing ever!!! recovery has been great wound wise...few emotional ups and downs...mainly with" am I small enough"...trying on bras once a week, helped my brain process it...week 1...I slept heaps and heaps!!!...in a recliner where I stayed for about 3 weeks....week 2 and 3 were my worse week,,,bruising is out...swelling up and down...feeling a little more human but frustrated to not be able to do more physically..so that goes back to the mental side as well....but doing very little I feel helped with no wound problems. Week 6...all cleared by Doc to go back to normal activities like boot camp...have to go back at 4 month check up... I am soo happy to have had this done and if anyone does have doubts/fear...I'm sure the ladies on here can help you thru them :-)
  3. I freaked as well....was assured by PS and his nurse that its normal..and yes they were correct...just hoping now that they do go down a little bit to a B size as they have said they will and so far they have been correct with everything...but patience's is required lol...
  4. Hi Rebel...I went with Mark Magnusson..think he does Brisbane as well..I'm in Toowoomba he is based here and had it done here, just for ease of family.....Good luck finding a PS....just google PS near by and make a list...and see if anyone on here...even implants or other PS procedures forum on this site to seek others personal experiences....good luck.
  5. Yep...I'm 3 1/2 weeks and it took at least 2 weeks for an odd shape to change...one boob was real square looking...that has just changed..but many folks say it can take 6 months for the real shape and size to show it self.
  6. Good luck...very exciting to be so close now.....I stayed in the hospital gown over night, couldn't be bothered to change...slept most of the time anyway and as it opened at the front..my hourly obs over night was easier for the nurses...had 3 different nurse shifts...and my over night male was hands down the best nurse..for the first few days I just wore easy summer dresses I could step in and out of..no twisting around or hands above my head. I still haven't slept in my bed..I am living in my recliner...it is sooo cradling :-) Best of luck...I'm excited for you and I've been done!!!!!..happy healing and rest, rest, rest, drink lots of water, stay ahead of the pain!!!
  7. Gypsyk7....It was great to read ur post...the feeling of milk coming in is spot on...I was struggling with that feeling...was it normal or not...was going to ring my PS today but you have put my mind at ease, thanks...I also started walking this week which has been great..as I get the boredom part..and have eaten crap!!!....do u find that your afternoons are worse with the fullness feeling??...I swell quite a bit by afternoon in the area where I had lipo (underarms)...it gets so full of fluid..it's like a big jumpy castle :-P I just have micropore tape on as a dressing..there are some anchor shaped silicone dressing on line..cost $80..but are reusable for a few months..My PS said I didn't really need it as I heal well, when looking a recent facial scar from sun cancer removal, but think I will get it as I'm willing to do all I can for scar management. . I have brought a few bralette styles for when my post surgical one is in the wash, and was told not to get a bra fitted till after the 6 weeks, as bra a designed to pull in and lift up which can pull on internal stitching..??? I did see quite a range of wireless ones at our target if that is any help. I will post my Photos when I can figure out how...might get a teens help..:-) take care everyone and happy healing Its been the best thing I have ever done whoo hoo :-)
  8. Hahaha...I just did the friend list..and there are 2 people on there who have a mutual friend with me..wouldn't have thought to do that lol...
  9. I'm looking at getting the Silicone dressing in a few weeks once I have healed..had 2 week check up yesterday and they said I'm a good healer scar wise when looking at other scars..so probably don't really need it..but I will do all I can to assist scar management...not any help to you sorry...but there is a very active facebook page that I am on a lot more oversea ladies...but there are Australians as well...I have found it to be very helpful. pre and pos op...think the silicone is used a lot more widely over there too...maybe stop in there and the ladies are all lovely and supportive and maybe able to help you with ur question. just put in the search breast reduction information group..it's a closed group so no one on ur friend list can see your activity on there...u have to be approved to join as well Good luck and happy healing
  10. Good luck gypsy7...happy healing
  11. EllaBellaB..sending you hugs....I think it is hard for them to really feel our desire to go as small as possible..i told mine to do that and at my 4 day check up on Monday the nurse said he could have gone smaller...my brain was screaming well why didn't he!!!! its it a very subjective procedure I guess and what the surgeon thinks will look right on our bodies, where as I didn't care if I have a big butt and very small boobs!! I hope your just having a single down day and can feel better soon...and with a hiccup of an infection wouldn't help either. ..some people are saying that it can take 6-12 months for breast to settle...fingers crossed that is the case.... Those lonely moments in our lives are when those thought occur...so stay strong and keep smiling at the results you see in the mirror and cut off the bra tags :-) take care
  12. Good luck TataTummyandTatas..(very cool name lol) I had mine last Thursday and everyday I am so happy I finally went thru with the procedure..you will be so happy im sure :-)
  13. Melli...I'm getting my op done on the 16th Oct..so close...I understand ur nervousness...its nearly time whoo hoo!!...I saw some bras at Target in their latest catalogue..3 for $14 I'm going into check them out to see if they might do the job..I do wonder how much I will be able to lift my arms thou to put them on. will check out the website Wright_km put a link to....thanks heaps for the link My PS said I will also have the reduction, lift and lipo... wish I had thought of a TT Wright_km...good thinking to getting it all done at once...you will feel like a new woman...Hubby thinks I will want a TT after my BR...think I have always been so focused on the reduction the tummy was over looked...O well.. take care ladies
  14. Hi Everyone...hope all is well How is your recovery going Lulubelle81?? everything healed nicely? Are you back to everyday things?? EllaBellaB, I hope your trip went well and your procedure and results were what you were wanting and it all went smoothly. Legseleven...we are originally from WA and have HBF so if ur with them can I suggest you have everything in place before heading interstate for surgery...we are now in QLD and have had a lot of phone calls and chasing up both myself and the hospital...drives me batty....if there was an office here I could walk in and get it all sorted in 1 sitting!!! but best of luck for your op having family support will help so much with recovery...I'm with you I swing from extreme excitement to extreme nervousness!!!! Today I had my pre anaesthetic appointment and I passed with flying colours (heart issues in 2008, always hangs in the back of my mind) and today its is 4 weeks till my Op...so excited whoo hoo!!! Went bra shopping with 1 of my teens the other day and I was so excited to look at the pretty bras that I hopefully will be fitting into...and they don't cost $80+ dollars..can't wait. take care
  15. Hi Ladies..well my appointment was push forward from the19th sep..to Wednesday just gone...I'm so excited and my PS even seems to be more approachable and open than last time (2009) It has spurred me on even more..Just sorting out health insurance details and just need to book a date now Whoo Hoo...The dates I want..he is overeas on both occasions lol..so fingers crossed for my 3rd new date (OCt 21st) ..have to juggle it between when hubbys in town and children's birthday..the the 21st should work well..our eldest will have just gotten her P Plates (fingers crossed) and hubbys in town for a couple of days..so eldest can drive other children to and from school. I did forget my PS to ask about how long I would be off driving. I'm also super excited that the cost has actually gone down from 2009... that doesn't happen very often..so I'm thinking I'm meant to finally get this done
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