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    Dr Tang - TCI 27/2/14
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    162 / 52kg / Pre-op deflated 10B more A

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  1. Megz, I have a similar thing with my right, my dominate. I am going to email pics tomorrow to surgeon, but I was wondering how you are going. Hoping D&F is helping x
  2. I had a terrible time. I lifted weights (not crazy heavy) right up to surgery which I think caused this. For me it lasted 2 weeks 😭. I used ice packs and heat, but I don't believe much helped until I went to the Phyiso. I would suggest check with your surgeon on this though. Hope it settles soon.
  3. I had mine done with Dr Tang at TCI and could not be happier. I am 19 days PO and you are welcome to FR me to have a look (only 2 week PO pics up so far). As far as I am aware, teardrop implants cost more as does complex cases, but you are informed of this at your consult. For me I was base cost and could not fault TCI staff, their facility or my results thus far. I must say though go with what feels right for you, at the end of the day that is what matters the most.
  4. Hey TGND! I have sent you a FR. Would love to see your upcoming 2 week pics xx

  5. Hey Hun we we similar stats was wondering if you would accept friend request

  6. I went with 360cc HP and am similar stat wise, although. Very happy with my choice, which although very early days is a 10 DD. You are well to send an FR to check out my pics.
  7. Hi ladies, I also went with Dr Tang. Happy for FRs and will be posting 2 week pics soon, 18 days now 😄
  8. Oops! To slow with my response sorry! I am a bit worried about getting into the triple coloured one, but figure down the track I will manage. I love shopping for crop tops now!!!
  9. Black/green and pink. I ordered both last night 😍
  10. Wishing you all the best Olive92. FR sent x
  11. I haven't a clue sorry, but my two boobs are totally different. My right one is horrid pain wise and firmness wise. I have read so much of late, but I am sure your dominate side will take longer to settle. The TCI info did say each boob will be different, but perhaps check with them tomorrow x
  12. Thank you kazza. The day I can tummy sleep again will be amazing. Thank you x
  13. Hi ladies, recovery is slowish. Harder than I expected to be honest but I am starting to feel good again. My main issue was super tight pec muscles. I wasn't aware we had to stop chest work a month before and this has been the cause of most of my pain. I went to the physio today and it has made a huge difference. Good luck to you B1993 and MissC74 😀
  14. Hey B1993, I have sent you a FR. I went with 360cc HP and am 163cm and 52kg. I do a far amount of weight training with a PT, boxing and some yoga as well. I wouldn't say I am super athletic, but I have some tone. My pics are less than great, especially the afters, but I will try to get some more. Just need to bloating to go... Sigh..
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