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  1. Hi, I am just asking for a friend. How much is a breast lift, without implants?
  2. I just thought i would update. I am now 10 weeks post-op and after the hiccup the other week, my boobs have settled down and I LOVE them! :-) Dr Veerawat did a great job! :-)
  3. Yes, it is normal :-) In the early days, I swore mine were going to slide off my body, it was the worst feeling!
  4. I finally received a reply from Dr Veerawat, via Lotte.... "Dear Brittany, I’m writing in regards to your post-operative concerns in your email below. Dr Veerawat has reviewed your photos and information, and he comments that he did his best under the circumstances. 1) The implant needed to be centered by the nipple. If placing the left implant low (to match your right breast fold) the left nipple will point upwardly. He thinks breasts at uneven level is better than different nipple direction. 2) Natural size difference is minor, which is why he suggested to use same implant. The implant sizes step quite far (45-50ml in tear drop style), so it is not advisable to use a larger implant for the left breast (it will be over-corrected). If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us again. Best Regards, Lotte Dietrich Foreign Coordinator Phuket International Aesthetic Center" I'm on the fence with the response, but am glad that I received a reply. My breasts have levelled out somewhat, however my left breast (which had been the smaller breast), is still an inch larger than the right, I think an extra 50cc in the right would have corrected the difference, but I'm not a plastic surgeon and just have to trust Dr V's expertise.
  5. I have 260cc (DD) and have to hold on to my boobs when I run, because they feel really weird! I couldn't imagine running with anything bigger than a DD!
  6. Yes, it is post-surgery morning boob. Mine would start within 5 minutes after I had sat upright, but each person is different.
  7. My hubby bought me TapoutXT last year and LOVE it!!
  8. Go figure, now they are back to being more normal!
  9. Sheesh! These boobs have a mind of their own!
  10. I REALLY hope and pray this isn't the end result. Maybe the other boob has dropped more, making it look worse?? I have had a really good run until now; I didn't have any frankenboob or pain and I wasn't restricted with movement. It would be a crying shame to go through all of this, just to have my old boobs back.
  11. So I have really been trying to be happy for my new boobs, because I thought I was being too much of a perfectionist and felt like I would seem ungrateful if I wasn't happy. But now that I am 7 weeks post-op and I can see they arent going to get any better, I can express my absolute disappointment about my BA. My disappointment is not for the CCs or resulting cupsize, but for their overall look. I am happy to have a bust in clothing again, but i am disappointed with the bare results. From certain angles they look perfect, but front-on they are a wreck! (For reference, my tattoo is on my right shoulder). I understand that I had assymetry in my breasts, somewhat due to my scoliosis, I had both of my creases lowered to fix this, but my incision scars are uneven and my breasts look 100% identical to what they did before, just fuller. Even my nipples are back to being severely uneven. My left Breast is very triangular, which makes my cleavage look off centre and very strange. It had been the smaller and higher of the two breasts and had been scored to stretch and even out the size, but is now the larger, higher of the two. My left Breast measures 3.5cm in diameter (from side across nipple to cleavage), larger than the right. This has made bra sizing difficult as my left breast is a cup size larger than the right. I knew that they weren't going to be perfect, but I expected that they would have been alot more symmetrical, better looking and inserted to try and disguise my scoliosis, not accentuate it! I feel like I am back to square one, with ugly wonky breasts that are just bigger. :-( I have emailed Dr V to see what his opinion is on this, but I'm guessing corrective surgery is my only option. :-(
  12. http://m.surfstitch.com/mt/www.surfstitch.com/product/bonds-pull-over-bra-new-grey-marle-mumma ????
  13. Hey there, sending you a friend request, would love to see your results since Im considering getting anatomicals too. Best wishes x sherry

  14. Hi Sherry, As the ladies said, your outcome depends on your body and its best to ask your surgeon what he/she thinks is best for your body. Don't be hung up on a cup size, as you will likely end up being 2 cup sizes larger than you had hoped for. Augmented breasts have more forward projection than a natural breast, so while you may not look massive, you could be an F or G cup! Also, don't be hung up on a certain amount of CCs. I was an 8AA and could only just pinch some breast tissue. I wanted to be a C cup and based on the photos of women with the same pre-op measurements as me, who achieved a C/D cup, I thought I would need 350-375cc. I ended up getting 260cc teardrop implants, as my plastic surgeon said that it was the maximum he would be comfortable doing, to achieve the best outcome and was told I should expect a big B, maybe a small C, if I was lucky. I was really skeptical about having such a small implant, but 1 month post-op, I am a 12DD! Some women have needed 350cc+ to achieve the same result, while others have needed less, which is why it is important for you to have a consult with a plastic surgeon, to see what will work with your current breast size, volume and shape. :-)
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