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  1. Top surgeons in Sydney 1. dr Warwick nettle 2. Dr George marcells 3. Dr Michael zacharia 4. I've heard some people mention dr pincock but I don't know much about him or seen his work I've had a revision with George and prev had consultations with half of the eastern suburbs surgeons. dr nettle is nice too, he is nice but also realistic like George. Takes 6 to 8 months to get a consultation with Dr Nettle though
  2. I had a primary with a surgeon who was good at breast implants and had it revised with George marcells. I've had cartridge removed and added, injections... The works!! Don't want to go into too many details but whatever you do, never go to a surgeon who does other body work. Biggest mistake ever! It's like going into a restaurant where they sell every type of food.
  3. Whatever u do see a Ent or facial plastic surgeon. Do not go to a surgeon who works in boobs/body everything... The nose is the hardest place to perform surgery and unfortunately I picked an arrogant surgeon who should stick to the body and not the face. Had to get a revision too
  4. hey how did u go? Same situation as you... Need third surgery. I too was thinking nettle... Pm me
  5. Dr George Marcells or Warwick nettle are the best in Sydney. Michael mirishnak or dr hunt boob jobs do lipo/body work. Biggest regret over 10 years ago to see a surgeon for a nose job and he did all sorts of surgery. U don't go to a restaurant and expect it to be amazing is its serves 10 different cuisines... If its face related so do your research. Surgeon 1, name not mentioned.. put filler in my nose to try to fix the ruined nose. On a number of occasions that is... He said wow your sensitive when he proceeded to jab the filler in. I had anaesthetic first but it wasn't left in long enough so when he jabbed the filler in it freaking killed!! So painful!!!!! Then he goes well I can't waste this so I'll put it in your lip.. It's very expensive and your not paying for it..... This is coming from someone who has just butchered my nose and agreed they can't fix it so go see another surgeon
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