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  1. I'm healing well with TT and BL. Unfortunately got a haematoma above belly button which has decided to drain out of my belly button
  2. Mummy tummy and sADTmum I'm so excited for you both. Hoping u both have a hassle free recovery
  3. Hi harveybaymumma. I'm using broadhurst and having TT/BL/ba and total cost around $18.5k. So would be less as you're not having BL
  4. Hi bzaw. What date are you? I'm booked for the 17th and have been super excited but nerves starting to sink in a little now
  5. My TT and BL have medicare numbers so it's covered by PHI. No rebate for the BA mud year though. Can't wait
  6. I'm having a TT, BL and BA and full cost is approx $18k ☺️ It's very exciting, congrats on the first consult booked. Exciting times ahead
  7. Following this as I'm in the same boat. 12dd pre op and I'm getting BL and ba also. No upper fullness
  8. Bugger didn't press the right button lol. Are u getting done with DrBrosdhurst in Brisbane Sexii?
  9. Yay bzaw I'm with Dr Andrew Broadhurst who's your surgeon?
  10. Hi I'm booked in for the 17th Feb for a TT and BL. BA to follow after 3 months
  11. Lol yes dog ears not dog tags. Im thinking a little longer may be better too
  12. Hi all Are dog ears easily fixed or should I opt for a slightly longer scar to avoid them at all?
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