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  1. Thanks everyone for the advice. I told him last time I wanted to the natural look possible. My husband doesn't want me to get them done at all, that why I'm worried about size. Tony told me last time I've always had boobs too small for my frame so it's going to be an obvious change (especially after dropping to an A cup haha). I'm also a gym junkie and go 6 days a week to an F45 gym so high intensity exercise. I never thought about tear drops roating so I might rethink and go rounds. Fitmummaof3 yours look so amazing! I would be stoked with results like that! 410ccFX will send you a request. Hope you are recovering well! Would love to see the difference between the two shapes. Haha glad you liked it! It unfortunately describes them well haha
  2. Hi ladies So I've just booked another consult with Tony in September and might even call back next week to book a surgery date. Have a few questions for anyone who has seen him: 1. Did you go with the size he recommended? He told me about the perfect size is individual to each persons measurements. I'm just worried they are going to be too big. I'm currently down to an A cup and they will end up being roughly a D. 2. When did you have to go back after surgery? I live a couple of hours away and are wondering whether I need to stay in Perth during recovery. 3. Does anyone have before and after pics and what shape and placement did you get. I'm so excited but get so nervous at the same time! Any advice is greatly appreciated
  3. MissyHu they look super natural! You must be stoked. I'm so confused now as what placement to get haha
  4. MissyHu do you have after pics? Did you want the natural look? The reason I wanted to go under/dual is to achieve the most natural look.
  5. So dual plane sounds like the go! Do they still give the really natural look?
  6. Thanks ladies... I'm at a real stand still now. I want a BA so much and have for a long time but I also really love my fitness and don't want to be limited in classes... Ahhhhhh what to do?!
  7. I know this has been asked and I have done some reading but hoping to get some more feedback... I put my BA off for a year but are hoping to have it done later in the year. I have been doing a great deal of fitness and are getting quite toned. I planned to get under the muscle teardrop implants as I was a very natural look, however I don't want to have to stop doing upper body workouts. Are there are fitness fanatics and/or models on here that still do a lot of upper body training? Including chin ups/pull ups? If you have under the muscle have you noticed any separation from the muscle being tones? I have been doing F45 classes 6 days a week and they do quite a lot of arm/upper body movements, obviously I will stop for what ever period of time required (another question... How long did you stop?), but I don't want to be limited by having a BA. Any thoughts/advice would be appreciated x
  8. Right! Wow that many! Wasn't sure how long surgery took. We both each have two young children and live three hours from perth so are thinking it would be better to stay away from them so not tempted to pick them up/get a hit to the boob! Ouch!
  9. My friend and I are hoping to have our breast surgery the same time, possibly even the same day so we can recover together in some accommodation for a week after. Do you know if you go to the same surgeon if they would book two for the same day if requested?
  10. Hi ladies I am booking a consult with Tony Connell (perth) today and want it it kick start me into eating healthy and exercising again. I figure I will have a good 4-6 months before I can get surgery and need to lose weight/tone up. Anyone want yo join me and kero each other motivated? And... From consult up surgery (for those post BA) does it matter if you lose weight for recommendations? I know when I lose the 5kg I need as I did it last year my boobs are obviously smaller and slightly saggier.
  11. Thanks ladies! BTM have sent friend request. Mrs-B I must have sent you a request last year when I was considering getting a BA. Yours look amazing! What sort of wait time did you have with Tony as I have heard there can be quite a wait. Is it best to book consult and surgery at the same time. I have made my mind up I definitely want to go with him. For those who got a straight BA (just implants, no lift) what did he quote, if you don't mind me asking?
  12. Hi ladies Will be finally booking a consult with Dr Tony Connell in Subiaco. I believe I will only need implants without a lift, was wondering who else has gone through him and how happy were you with the results? Thanks
  13. Thanks ladies I am hoping once they are done he will see such a change in me, he loves them too. It's quite funny he doesn't like anything "unnatural" as he has a complete body suit if tattoos (which can't be seen when he is working as we own quite a large business and he doesn't like our clients seeing them... But they are there!) I think he doesn't want people to talk about them or look at me. I have made a point of telling people as I would rather everyone know that get them done and people be talking behind my back wondering.
  14. Thanks ladies. I am hoping the same thing. It's just hard to commit to something knowing he is so against it. I think he thinks I am getting them for everyone else to look at but it because I can't stand the look of them or him touching then at all. Especially after the weekend getting ready for a wedding with a low cut top, having my friend try to tape them back in place (haha) but nothing would work and I had to change dresses so I could wear a bra!
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