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  1. My pre-op instructions said no make-up, moisturiser or deodorants etc. I followed the instructions, it's not worth the risk.
  2. I have been considering this lately. Would love to see some before and after pics if anyone has any.
  3. I had 2 consultations about a year apart. I went with the second surgeon. They both had similar recommendations. I think if you feel comfortable then 1 consultation is fine.
  4. I had my BA with Dr Layt 2 years ago. Very happy with the results and his staff are lovely.
  5. They look pretty even to me. Just looks like one has dropped faster then the other which is completely normal. They are looking great and I definitely don't think you need to worry.
  6. My surgeon advised not to go braless during the day until the 3 month mark. I had my surgery at the start of winter so I didn't have a need to go braless until about 4 months. I can't find a nice comfortable strapless bra so I regularly go braless if the outfit calls for it.
  7. I took 1 week off and I work in an office job. The first week back was a bit tiring but I managed.
  8. Every surgeon has their own recommendations. Mine were to wear my surgical bra for the first 2 weeks and then a soft cup non-underwire bra for 3 months. After the 3 month check up I was cleared to wear underwire.
  9. I am about 46kg at the moment and have anatomical implants placed under the muscle. My surgeon advised me to get anatomicals as the implants are made of a former gel to help prevent rippling. I am almost 2 years post op and have not experienced any rippling.
  10. Mine don't feel real but I had very little breast tissue to start with (10AA) and I have the firmer gel to avoid rippling. That's not to say they are hard, they just aren't as soft as real breasts.
  11. We use them at my work so I took a whole heap from there and just wiped a bit day by day before giving up and trying again the next day. Eventually it all came off.
  12. I used lots of those tiny alcohol wipes. It was a very slow process, took me about a week to get it all off.
  13. My cease was lowered. I didn't realise until the mark up before the surgery. I think it's quite common.
  14. I got mine online from the UK for around $80ish. I don't double bra, I find they don't go anywhere in it.
  15. I had tear drop implants placed under the muscle. I can't compare my recovery as it was my initial BA but I certainly think it helped.
  16. My PS encouraged stretching post op. They have a video on the website of what to do but basically it was the above plus rolling your shoulder backwards. I was able to lift my arms above my head straight away.
  17. I was given the berlei post surgery bra by my surgeon. I found it very comfortable and supportive. The only down side to it was that the straps are a little thicker than a normal bra so I just had to be careful with what I was wearing.
  18. I couldn't wear underwire for 3 months but only had to wear the post op bra they gave me for the first 2 weeks. After that I was told I could wear any bra as long as it was supportive and didn't have underwire. Maybe you could call your surgeons rooms and see what they recommend.
  19. I'm fairly certain they legally have to include those details too, otherwise anyone could type up a medical certificate on their home computer. I like the idea of doing to the gp to re-write the medical certificate with their details on it.
  20. The nurse at my PS rooms told me to start taping at 2 weeks post op.
  21. I cant remember exactly when but it was around about 2-3 months for me. I'm now an year and half post op and it's hard to remember what I looked like before.
  22. I agree with everyone else that you don't need it. You look great! Have you thought about having coolsculpting instead? It's non-surgical and you don't have to wear any ugly garments. I haven't had it done myself but I have a friend that raves about it. She had her inner thighs done and is now going back for love handles.
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