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  1. Thanks dreaming big! Sorry for the slow reply the comps been making me a bit nauseous. My recovery has been a breeze I feel so lucky :) Accepted your Fr xx

  2. Hi dreaming big, thanks for the MSG. I couldn't be happier with my whole experience and would recommend tony without any hesitation. He is very experienced and breast surgery is all he does. I'd suggest a consult with both tony and Tim, although I haven't heard a lot about Tim but the fact there's nothing bad is always a positive. I'll accept your FR now, and am happy to answer any questions

  3. Hey Olive, hope your recovery is going well :-) Have sent an FR so I can follow your progress too - hope you don't mind.

  4. Congratulations Olive92 on your new girls and well done for setting yourself the goal and making it happen. Thanks for sharing. Hope you don't mind my sending you an FR so I can follow your progress. :-)
  5. Hi Mrs-B, I'm new to the forum and have been trying to narrow my surgeon list down to 3 for a natural-looking trouble-free BA. Dr Hewitt is up there with dr Connell given the fantastic posts that you and a few others have made over the past year. I hope you don't mind my sending you an FR - would love to know how your experience was and how they've settled to date. Kind regards, D/Big.

  6. Hi Michellemoo, thanks so much for sharing your post-op experience. Your recovery sounded amazing. I was wondering how you were getting on a year down the track and whether it's been smooth sailing to date for you? As someone wanting a natural proportional look I am just in they stage of narrowing down surgeons (dr hewitt & Connell top the list) and also starting to think about rounds v anatomicals. Any update/feedback would be awesome and I hope you don't mind that I send you an FR also. :-)
  7. Hi Zmuma, I read in an earlier post last year that you were having a BA and a nipple reduction... I just wanted to say hello and see how you were liking them now that some time has passed...am curious as to your thoughts on their look and feel (to touch) and if the nipple reduction has affected sensation. I hope you don't mind the questions. :-) I'm looking to have a BA and weighing up shape, style and type. But I love the sensation of my nipples but feel their embarrassingly big and your experience could very well inspire me to do something about it at the same time :-).

  8. Hi Dreaming Big, FR accepted :) I managed to get a bit of sleep last night! Still took forever to get to sleep but once I was I stayed in that wonderful land of nod! Not quite enough to bring me back to normal but at least it's a start. I'm spending heaps of time online researching too so at least it's not wasted time. But I really can't wait for next week so it's just done :) hope you got some rest too x

  9. P.s. Really struggling to get to sleep lately. I have no decent excuse! (Over tired?). Hope you're all sleeping better tonight :-)
  10. Hi ladies, even though I haven't had an op yet I really appreciate the experiences you've shared. I am squeamish but the more I read and understand of what's involved the more brave and comfortable I become with it all. For this - thank you xx. And as to the day to day stuff... It's not boring in a sense that you're all going through the motions of recovering. I'm curious about how much time I'd need off work, how soon I could fly (btw - happy and safe Melb.travels MDJE!), or lay on tummy again, when I could start doing Bikrim yoga, go commando, and whether regular sessions on a PowerPlate could increase the risk of cc!! It's one thing to hear doctors' advice about this but it holds a lot more water coming from ladies who are walking the walk :-) Thank you for telling it like it is. I am sure I will find my answers over time and one day discover these things first hand for myself :-) MDJE - I must say I am so impressed with your journey and experience to date with Dr Hewitt. I have heard about that band which is worn over the recovery bra. They're supposed to work really well. Great to hear he gave you one to use. I actually had it on my 'post op needs' list along with laxatives, panadeine, hand sanitiser, panadeine, ice packs, panadeine, straws, extra recovery bras, a thousand pillows, and panadeine, etc! The more I read of your experience the more convinced I become that perhaps he's the right surgeon to do my BA as well. I just have to be comfortable during the consultation to be sure and like the post op pics he shows me. But looking at you post op pics I think you will drop and fluff just beautifully. :-) I must keep an open mind!
  11. Hi Southerngirl, have just sent you an FR - not sure if it went through or more than once (tired eyeballs and butterfingers on the iPad!). Haven't been sleeping well the past few nights either so I've been spending time online researching my quest for body beautiful. Hope you're succeeding in getting sone shut-eye :-)

  12. Hello GirlyGirl I wish you all the best with your Hernia op. Is Tim doing it as well? Either way I'm sure you're in great hands with your BA op. His level of post op care sounds tremendous and although I've not seen many befores and afters, what I've seen recently looks awesome. :-)

  13. Thank you Southerngirl :-) maybe if you're too tired but can't sleep now, hopefully you'll sleep longer once the girls are in (well, one can hope, right!). Yes I think I will leave it to my gut instincts upon meeting the surgeons. I'm going to send you a FR so I know you're ok and can see how your experience with Dr Connell goes post surgery. P.s hope you are managing to rest between your sleepless nights. This hot and balmy & weather isn't helping!
  14. Hey SouthernGirl, wow, only a week to go now! Does it feel like it's all come about really quickly?! Thanks for sharing your thoughts earlier - I really appreciate it. I agree, years of experience and word of mouth are invaluable and Dr Connell seems to have this in spades. I think I will have to work backward from my list until I whittle it down to my final 3. Whilst I am in savings and researching I guess I have a little time up my sleeve, although, I must say that with all the reading I am doing on here, and the excitement I am sharing with ladies having or whom had had theirs BAs, I too am getting rather excited and impatient for a BA for myself!!
  15. Hi MDJE, just a quick note to say hi and see how you're doing. I hope your post op checkup went well and Dr H is pleased with how your progressing. Did you do something nice for yourself and the girls to mark the week? (little milestones deserve acknowledgement/treats too!)
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