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  1. I had a terrible experience with pins and needles after by ba. I still get them 7 months post op. I initially had them in my hand, then my foot (opposite foot). I ended up having an ultra sound on my leg and even seeing a nurologist- they all said it was post op stress................ I find yoga helps heaps.
  2. My back pain from sleeping elevated was the worst and most painful part of my op. I was told to sleep on my side after three days as My back was so sore. Try putting a pillow under your knees...
  3. Hope all went well nixxa! Profile is the projection. Craig will usually do high profile and medium profile is a wider, flatter look.. Ask at ur next appointment what they suggest or even call as it would be in ur notes.
  4. Hi, I had surgery with craig just over 3 months ago. He did a great job- look at my pics. I would def go 350cc if Anna has recommended that size. I understand your concerns about them being high. Mine are perfect and hope they don't drop anymore. Be warned, they will b high and odd looking at the start. Craig has a great post op service and his team will answer questions to ease your concerns. If they do end up too high, craig will fix them I'm sure. Try not to use your pec muscles for 6 weeks post op so they're not so tight and take your time getting back into chest exercises. I have just started yoga 3 months post op. good luck, craig will make u feel at ease... And don't even worry about bra size. I'm 300cc under muscle and wear a D cup. Implant bra sizes are different to natural breasts so don't aim for a C cup, aim for a size which is going to proportion your body. Many inc myself wish they could go bigger, so go the biggest craig allows. Ur spending lots of $ so u don't want regrets. My parents don't know I've had them done! I was previously flat! But wore intimio gel bras 10A. Good luck and feel free to ask anymore questions.
  5. Did a quick google, and NO bwd never changes. I went high profile 300cc which was the max. The surgeon wanted to put in. When I asked the nurse about going bigger, she said I could go xhp but they would be more projected and not as natural which was my desired result.
  6. I asked the nurse this question and I can't recall what she said... Have a feeling it doesn't change alot..
  7. I agree that your ps should have measured you, however in regards to size my max. Was 300cc as my bwd was about 10 or 10.5. At post op appoint my ps said he could have put a bigger size in but it would have created problems... It sounds like ur ps was putting in a size that was safest for your body and was meant to create less problems (which seems crazy as u have problems with smaller implants). I hope you get the result u wanted as its an awful load of money that u have invested.
  8. I know of someone who used tim brown and was happy
  9. Lucky you got an appoint earlier as the results wouldn't be back in time for surgery if you had it that morning. An ultrasound would have been the better way to go as you get results ASAP. Hope it all goes well x
  10. I would say you will more than a C cup as 430cc is a good size. I got 300cc and wear an 8 or 10D. I'm 13 weeks post op, so hang in there xx
  11. I would be stressed aswell. Doubt you would have done any damage, but you can call your surgeons office for peace of mind.
  12. Craig rubinstein did a great job on my BA. His post op care is second to none aswell.
  13. It's a bad thing for you, but I would love to be told I was too skinny- catch 22 hey! I would def. get another opinion though. What size were you after? Maybe your surgeon thought you were to skinny for the size you wanted? Or did they sat flat out 'no'?
  14. My lower back hurt so much that after 3 days the nurse told me to sleep on my side. I slept sort of twisted- on my back but twisted to by side to release the pressure. Have you tried a pillow under your knees?
  15. Cheerios


    Maybe 4 months?? I saw a physio at about 5-6 weeks and had to lie on my tummy for a massage. It's ok, but not very comfy. If you want to be comfy and enjoy the massage, I would wait at least 4 months or until u feel comfortable.
  16. I was day three of my period at my ba. Found pads heaps easier to use, but tampons are fine to use too. I changed into a pad at the last minute. I was more concerned about changing them post op and thought a pad would be easier to change. And no, it doesn't affect your surgery . Good luck!
  17. Can you email the pic to your surgeon just to be on the safe side? It's prob nothing to worry about, but always better to know so you don't worry. Congrats by the way!
  18. Why do you need to sleep on your back?
  19. Hi, I will send u a frd request. As u will see I had zilch after breastfeeding. Craig was my surgeon. I got 300cc smooth under muscle with craig. Nobody has noticed they are fake. They can take a few months to drop, but craig is all about the natural look.
  20. Everyone is different. I went to out to dinner day 4 and started driving after 1 week. U should start to feel better slowly from now. Maybe get out of bed and walk outside a little - even to the footpath and back. Give your body time, but u will get there soon x
  21. I got 300cc and fit into 10/12 c. Haven't been fitted yet though... Will send u frd request to c pics.
  22. I couldn't sleep on my back as was in so much pain after 2 nights. The nurse told me to sleep on my side with pillows as good sleep is important for recovery. So slept on my side from day 3. Slept on tummy from 5 weeks.
  23. I'm 7 weeks post op and my nipples were fine up until a few days ago. One hurts more than the other ..feels like razor blades when touched.
  24. I expected the worst and was seriously surprised with the minimal pain I had. If you've been pregnant the feeling is very simulate to when your milk comes in- a heavy sort of feeling. It's more the restrictions that are annoying. I only took panadol and nurofen once I got home. Time is your best frd and everybody's experience is different. The first two weeks are a bit weird, give it time and take each day as it comes xxx,
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