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  1. Hi Ladies, I had a consultation yesterday with Dr Mark Lee in Perth, Subiaco. He is amazing and I got to try on some sizers. I tried 325,300 and 350cc He said 350 is the biggest he'll let me have but I'm worried they'll look too big. I was thinking maybe i'll go with 325s or 300s. Is there much difference? I dont want to pay 12g for a surgery and wish I had gone bigger. I'm quite small, 5'1 and 57kg. I do a lot of fitness comps so I don't want to look silly. TIA x
  2. \ Just because the surgeons at TCI are cosmetic surgeons and thailand the doc I was considering is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon.. I still am undecided!
  3. Gosh that's horrible to hear! I was considering seeing Dr piyapas at bangkok hospital. But probably not so much now that they don't have the garuntee and you've had this experience! I hope they get back to you!
  4. Hey! We share the same stats, mind if I FR you?
  5. Could I please be added to this group too? Email is trashyrawr@hotmail.com for fb.
  6. So ideally, because it's to improve the appearance a cosmetic surgeon would be more than okay to do that and I don't need a plastic surgeon?
  7. Now I've looked into TCI a lot more I am thinking of possibly getting my BA done there instead of Thailand with Dr Piyapas. But I have no noticed all the surgeons at TCI are only cosmetic where as in Thailand they are Plastic surgeons and some reconstructive surgeons which are better and higher qualified. At the end of the day, is there much of a difference between Cosmetic or Plastic surgeons? Opinios please!
  8. Thanks everyone! I am located in Aus. I think Thailand is about 3700 for the procedure, 840 for return flights but I do like the idea of being able to fly back to perth in a few hours and be home. I've just heard that they're more qualified over seas but the before and after photographs of TCI are amazing! They do really well. I'm definately considering having my BA at TCI!
  9. I thought about that last night. Who ever I go with I'm sure I'll be happy. If I go with one doctor i'll always wonder how my experience would be different with another but as long as I'm happy with the final result I shall be fine. I'm worried that when I get them I'll hate them as they're all swollen and gross haha
  10. Hi Ladies. I've read ALOT about TIC in Sydney and it seems to be a very popular decision! I have wanted to go with Dr Piyapas at Bangkok hospital and have heard great things about both him and TIC Help! What do I do?
  11. Thankyou so much! Do you know how I can contact him directly? Private messaging a lady on here who had hers done here in Aus and I mentioned I wanted to go to to Thailand and she said something about have I read the horror stories on here about thailand surgery and now I'm super nervous because if something happens can i contact my surgeon about it, etc? Ahh, so nervous!
  12. Wow! Not long. Yeah I'm definately thinking about him. Not one bad thing said about him and he is well recognized around this site. 1st of may! I'm planning 7th/8th of may!
  13. Hey Kytelle! I'm trying to decide if I want to go with Dr Piyapas. Am I able to FR you and see some post op pictures? Thanks
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