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    Booked in 2nd May 2014 for rhino and BA with Dr Tavakoli!
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    Dr Tavakoli
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  1. Im about 6 weeks post op My post op bra has rubbed against my taped incision and has now exposed the incision. It is now leaking puss. Any idea whats going on and if it needs attention ??
  2. Oh and I'm currently 3 weeks post op and would be fine to go on an overseas holiday now , Dr tavakoli is amazing
  3. I went with Tavakoli , tear drop, decent size implants extra high profile. I currently have a gap in between my boobs that I'm hoping will close with my post op bra. So I would recommend getting the fat grafting.
  4. Add me if you want to see , I was veryyyy mildly tuberous and flat chested. Got tear drop , love them
  5. Mine are sitting far apart and I went to get my stitches re-dressed today. I was told to buy a deep plunge bra and wear it during the day and wear my post op bra at night, that way my boobs will come in closer as the bra will be moving them in. I was also told to push them together 3 times a day for 5 minutes. fingers crossed it works
  6. Feeling great, I go in tomorrow to get my stitches looked at and the cast taken off my nose I wasnt nervous.. even the morning of i wasnt nervous! having full faith in your surgeon makes the whole experience so much easier. I wish i was a week pre-op again, I miss that exciting feel.. but i guess i get excited everytime i look down haha
  7. Sami J always go the biggest he can fit. He will not put in too big (i reckon he could have fit 500 in me, but he said the biggest was 470) and i know he puts a limit because he says the biggest size that will look amazing, not the biggest size that will fit, thats why hes great. One thing i learned on this forum, always go bigger. I wish mine were bigger, but this is the biggest he said would fit and i trust that any bigger would have looked fake on me so im happy. He ordered 3 sizes for me too so i had no clue what size he fit in me till i woke up with them on my chest! Hes the best, youre in good hands
  8. I got a loan thru anz as I bank with them so I was approved on the spot Intrest is a killer tho it was $200 and something last month
  9. I only could fall asleep on my tummy The painkillers make falling asleep so easy and now I fall asleep upright fine! Only problem ... today I wanted to lay on my belly while on my laptop so I placed a pillow in the spot under where my boobs would be ... so I put my hands on the ground and get in a push up type position ready to lower myself ... Holy crap .. DO NOT do it. I've just put myself back like 5 days now I'm in such pain I feel so stupid!
  10. Dr Tavakoli is great.. you dont need to research any further I promise.
  11. Yep just on a week post op today! Everyone is different but if I had to go out for dinner tonight for a birthday id just take an endone (painkiller) and id be fine. I went out today for lunch with a friend... But in saying that im still struggling, i cant drive, cant lift heavy things, still a little hard to keep my arms up to wash my hair.. swelling wise, i got teardrop so the upper pole isnt swollen at all so they're fine. If your sister is going for a wild night out id say you probably wont last the night due to exhaustion (if i go out for more than 3 hours i just need to go lay down) but if its just something like a house party or a dinner youll be fine. funny you say that, im one week post op and tomorrow night my little sister is having her 16th birthday and ill be going , just might call it an early night depending how i feel. Just book it for the soonest appointment because then by june, youll already by 2 weeks post op instead of still waiting!!
  12. I got boobs from him last Friday! I think they will settle into a D cup But as you will learn fake boobs dont fit in the bras of the sizes that they look.. so i think mine will settle into a C-D and ill wear a D-DD bra depending... not sure yet as its very early days. Going smaller is the best way to achieve a natural result (thats why i did it.. i had nothing to begin with so he couldnt stretch my skin to the limit)
  13. Abby is so lovely she's my favorite of his assistants. At first when I realized I was having my consult with her when she said "follow me in darl" I was like Omg .. no ..she's so pretty she will be so judging for sure (I didn't want to go take my top off in front of her with my belly hanging out!) ... Then I went in and sat down and she is just the nicest girl and so helpful (all his assistants are!)
  14. Yes my next check up is when he teaches me how to massage. Ok I feel much better now knowing the gap can go! Thank you
  15. Yep I agree with bianca when it comes to my revision it will be him I go to!
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