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    QLD/Gold Coast
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    I am a a proud Mum of 3 beautiful children and afer breast feeding and our decision not to have anymore children I decided to get my post baby body back...well my boobs and tummy didnt want to conform. So after much thought I decided I wanted a BA and a TT. I enquired on the GC and found the costs too much for me to justify having a BA and TT so started researching overseas. With much research I chose Dr Preeyapas Nilubol as my surgeon out of Bangkok Hospital in Thailand. As the costs to travel with my family was too much I decided to find a travel guide/help. I decided to use Bangkok Makeovers.
    I am a simple person. I have never travelled outside Oz and NZ and I have done it. The level of care in the hospital was amazing. Dr Preeyapas is amazing. Rachel and her team from Bangkok Makeovers has been amazing. Everything has run like clock work. Everything that is important for you to know you will be informed by Rachel. I was a deflated A cup.
    I have had a lift with an implant. My stitches are around my nipple. I have 450 CC, smooth, round Mentor implants. They are under my muscle. I have had a TT with no lipo. I have had a fair amount of my muscles repaired.
  • Name of Surgeon and Date of Surgery
    Dr Preeyaphas, Bangkok Hospital 1st March 2012
  • Measurements
    173cm/77kg/Deflated A Cup

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  1. Hi, I went to Bangkok. I grew up in a town that is 90% Maori, dont blink you will miss it. No street lights, one pub and one dairy (corner store). Soooo my Mum and Dad are pretty much against any change. I had a mental check list and knew that I wouldnt be comfortable leaving for my surgery without telling Mum and Dad...so the night before I flew out. I rang NZ and Dad answered. I just went full ball telling him what I was planning to do and amongst it said I had done a lot of research. As soon as I heard. I am sure you researched and well its your body. Great Dad can I talk to Mum now. I then told Mum and the first thing she asked "What about my mokos?" (which means grandchildren in english). She was okay too. aahhhh...uummm only one thing. I didnt tell them I was going to Bangkok for the surgery...ooppps. That I couldnt deal with. I left hubby to it when Mum rang up to ask how I was recovering and double oops. I didnt tell him that I didnt tell them xxx All good. When they heard my voice and lol realised that yes Bangkok does have better hospital care than our one horse town. All was good. You will be fine... reading your post heading I realised that I am four weeks post op and havent even spoken to my inlaws...oopps oopps ooppps:)
  2. Hi there, I had all three in Bangkok on the 1st of March. But my lift was an areola lift with an implant. I am not sure what kind of lift yours in...I am assuming you are being recommended a full breast lift??? My surgeon was GOD... te he he he Dr P and my <facilitator> was Bangkok Makeovers. Dr P knows his stuff and the health of his patients is first and foremost. I have pictures posted if you want to have a captain hook. I am 4 weeks post op. My recovery for my tummy has been like my c-section but with muscle repair too. My breasts have been the sorest (if that is such a word) in recovery terms. I went from a saggy A to probably D/DD (450CC) under the muscle. My muscles were pretty tight pre op so I reckon that is what I am finding hardest. The muscle pain and of course the stretching of the skin. Hope somewhere in my babble I have helped. If not, sorry. All the best with your journey. As for me...I wouldnt have it anyother way. I definitely would do all three again at the same time and definitely 2 weeks post op away from my family and house. My recovery time had to factor in 3 small children and a house to manage.
  3. Excellent question thanks spots:) I am 4 weeks post op. My hubby works away for 4 weeks so after my 2 weeks holiday (lol), after my 2 weeks post op stay in Bangkok I returned knowing I would have to be on my game with 3 young children. But hubby had a cleaner booked for me...she lasted one clean. I managed to sit around on the first clean and watch her clean my house but not pushing myself and going really really slow and using my primary school aged sons to help me with the washing, vaccuming, scrubbing of the shower walls and mowing of the lawns we have managed. I read in a fitness website. No pushing and pulling action until at least 6 weeks. Oh yeah and the driving. I tried at week 2 and a half and bombed! I drive a V8 manual...ouch!!! Thought my chest muscles were going to rip off!!!! Thank goodness I have always allowed my eldest to change the gears for me (he is now 8) so we have managed to get around...lol when school is out for the boys to help with reaching for items too high on the shelves at the supermarket. But from week 3 and a half have been able to change gears comfortably - no discomfort. We are all different but the same denominator...listen to your body!!
  4. Can I 100th that congratulations!! And osh gosh by gosh you are always there for my questions too, thank you xxx And if I havent missed it...HAPPY NAUGHTYS!!! or if I have HAPPY BELATED XXXXX
  5. Sending you massive healing vibes like everyone hun xxxx Thank you AS ALWAYS for sharing!! Thinking of you much!!!
  6. eewwwwww Kitty you have me excited all over again!!!! I wish you the very best and oh my gosh what an awesome journey and so much more to come!!!!! Keep your eye on the prize hun...taste that 75kg!! Nothing tastes as good as fit and healthy xxxxx
  7. Thinking of you massively changeme xx I went to my GP to get a referral to a PS. He asked who I wanted to see. With having the referral my $140 visit was FREE...well covered by medicare that is:)
  8. Hi Yogamama, a massive congratulations xxxx Yes my post op has soooo felt like my milk has finally come in and I need my baby to relieve the pressure!! I went from a deflated A (pre children B cup) to probably a D/D cup?? My boobies dont have the natural cleavage either. My roomy here at the BM apartments on the other hand does. She naturally already had a C cup and got implants to fill them out. Soooo we reckon (although we are not experts xx) that is why she already has cleavage...heres hoping we get our cleavage over time with our strap and massaging:) Thats what I am banking on...
  9. Hi, I am ass-u-ming you are on the gold coast from your profile name:) If you are, I hear an advertisement broadcast for a firm there where you can take out a loan direct. I have gone blank which firm it is. My friend was going to go with them herself because she had heard of others using them and happy with their boobie transformation. As for me...good ol ATO paid for my puppies here in Bangkok xxx All lidgit!! In moving countries a few years ago I innocently forgot to lodge 2 years of tax returns as I was on maternity leave...woop woop thank you Mr Tax Man for my payout! Do you have any super money you can access? You sound young enough (my assumption again) that you wont miss a few $$ from the super kitty right now...
  10. oooohhhhh Kitty you put a smile on my face and excited feeling in my guts!!! I am sure excited for you!!!!!! PS dont forget NOT to drink at the airport or on the plane. Lol I am no drinker but everywhere I looked at the airport or on the plane there was a glass of alcohol and I wanted one!!! Dont if it was pre op jitters or the fact it was the first time travelling without a baby or child in almost 9 years!! Will I get to meet you????
  11. I dont know Lisa74???? Somehow I dont want to ask??? I was so hoping to meet the famous AOM. Tan is Aom now. She is real good. Young and knows where the best shops are dependant what your budget and tastes are...
  12. I think we are bunging on the weather for you Nicki, it has cooled down heaps! We even turned the aircon off for the day and walking around outside this afternoon was soooo nice. Recovering well so far xx Went to Central Plaza today and got some tight belly undies for my TT. Yayyy finally got to take my hospital strap off! I have uploaded some before and after (day 6 post op) photos today. I am very swollen and very bloated...arrrrggghhhhh to the bloatedness!!! Tazy400 2 weeks you say...yipee!! Because of my TT I am here for 14 days all up. Im definitely not complaining. Rachel and her team and her family and her husband are soooo awesome. You are so made to feel welcome and cared for. Thank goodness for Skype I am constantly in touch with my family. Okay best sign out because I have just taken a sleeping tablet and wohooo its started to kick in. Good night zzzzzz
  13. Im here right now. Aom not here any more but there is Tan, Rachel and Meagan xxx Oh my gosh everything is right here. Oh yes and the Dental Clinic is just up next to the seven eleven. I have had my teeth cleaned and polished for 600 bht today. Rachel is amazing! I mentioned it in the car on the way for a check up with Dr P and within seconds I was booked in! You will be in amazing hands...I walked to Tesco (their local supermarket) yesterday. Good spot these apartments:)
  14. I am so so so excited for you!!! I have a dear friend in Sydney who's little sis and girlfriends have used Dr Jib and they cant talk of him highly enough!! They are sooooo happy with their new puppies!! Enjoy the ride. Remember the wonderful experienced ladies on here are not far from you xxxxx Enjoy everything and take it all in xxx take care thinking of you!!!!!
  15. Ouch alrighty...hubby just asked me if I have used credit card since...lol he counting the pennys now he on 4 weeks leave doing my mummy taxi duties while I am over here:) Wish I had investigated more on the conversion rate before leaving...whats done is done:)
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