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    Breast Augmentation by the end of the year!
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    Dr Szalay 17th September
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    164cm/64kg/Small deflated 10B-Getting 445cc round, textured, HP, dual plane implants

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  1. If you've finished your antibiotics you should be ok? Maybe take it easy so you don't hurt yourself? I got my ba 3 weeks after my 30th soI could drink and not get stupid and hurt myself lol. Yay to boobs at 30!!!!
  2. I have a 4yr old and almost 3 year old. I am 16 days post op, only had Panadine Forte and felt fine, no pain just tiered. Had my mum and husband help with the kids and do stuff around the house for first 5 days. I just told my kids that mummy is sore and can't pick you up, still haven't picked them up yet as my Dr said no lifting for 3 weeks.
  3. I can FINALLY say that my time is here! I have learnt so much and met so many lovely people from this forum it's been amazing! I can't believe it's all happening today!
  4. How did you go Daisy? How are you feeling???
  5. I've been very lucky and have very supportive family, friends and even my boss has been great. The people I have found to make a comment about getting it done are the already girls with big boobs. I shouldn't have to but I explain that being a mum of 2 and turning 30 I'm doing something for myself. Stay positive and try not to let their negativity let you down. You might need to educate them about it all as they obviously have a preconseded idea of breast implants and getting them done overseas. Them being like this should not stop you doing something for yourself! At the end of it all they'll see how awesome it was for you to do it for yourself Good luck with your BA journey!
  6. Hey Rockmelonmamma I paid my final payment yesterday too and it was so weird, exciting and nerve racking! Lol I'm in next week so counting down the days it just seems to be going soooo fast. My husband said to me last night, so no more to do until surgery now! Ahh yes I'm all sorted, got meds, arrange my mum to stay over for a couple of nights (I have 2 little kids), just clean and organise the house!
  7. When are booked in Daisy? I'm next week the 17th! I'm also getting dual plane and my strongest meds are Panadeine Forte too. We'll be right Daisy positive thinking!
  8. I bought button up cotton pjs from Target the other day for $11 down from $30! They are long sleeve and perfect as I'm in QLD and weather is warming up (27 deg today!) and I'm getting my BA on the 17th of this month. Thought they would be comfy to lounge around in at home and at night. I've got a couple of button up tops, especially for surgery day and loose fitting pants. I'm not flying so can't help you their sorry! Good luck with it all, not long now!
  9. I heard that if you don't have drains then the fluid goes south to your tummy, that's why women get really bloated. If you have drains that it reduces the swelling. My surgeon doesn't do drains so preparing myself for bloating.
  10. I have lots of holidays worked up so taking almost 4 weeks
  11. Haven't had ba done yet. I might ring them and ask what's the go, thanks mumneedsamakeover!
  12. That's good Excitaboob I'm going under the muscle too so that's good to know
  13. Me too Quinn I'm trying to lose 2-3kg before my ba but getting close to it now and I'll be happy for 1 more kg. At least if it's only a couple of kg I need to lose after it shouldn't make a difference.
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