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    Biopsy proven Benign Fibroadenomas in both breasts looking to have bigger lumps removed and BA... Currently consulting with PS's
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    Prof. Mark Ashton 5th June 2014

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  1. Lolos I too have fibroadenomas which we ultrasound every 12 months and mri every 2-3 years depending on ultrasound. Pre boobs I had biopsies to both breasts so while they are common it is something to continue to watch IMO however having implants now I feel at an advantage as I can feel them easier both my PS and breast surgeon advised against mammograms with the implants
  2. I went with Mark Ashton, a little over your budget at approx 14k but worth every cent
  3. Massive massive love your way what a horrible ordeal though I'm relieved they are starting to find answers for you <3
  4. Hamish Farrow or Mark Ashton world be my picks
  5. I too had minimal swelling at my 3 month check they will continue to settle try not to worry about it and listen to your body
  6. Wishing you a quick recovery hope everything settles well
  7. I'm anaemic so blood loss was a concern initially, my ps explained that they attempt to work in a blood free environment and you shouldn't lose more than 100mls
  8. Oh hun what a rough time your having, are you trying to do too much or still taking it easy
  9. Hi everyone, I'm after advice I'm due for a mammogram (overdue actually) and I'm not sure if I should seek out a different clinic since having my BA or if there is anything I need to be aware of going back to the original place I went which was just an MIA who my breast surgeon worked with as they knew how he liked his imaging done. I've been meaning to send my PS an email but keep forgetting and coming up to Christmas I want to sort it out ASAP.
  10. <3 I know it's hard (been through it too) but try to think of the positives which weigh in your favour your healthy, your 30, you've breastfed the lists go on. Today will be a difficult day but hopefully you get your results very quickly <3
  11. Watching with interest, I'm wanting to get stomach and handles done
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