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    Professor Mark Ashton / BL/BA 19th August 2014
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    170cm - Deflated 12DD after breast feeding 3 kids - hoping to be full D cup

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  1. Hi PinkFriday So sorry to hear your going through this. I too had surgery with Mark last month & I am not completely happy also. I have my 6 week check up this week & in my last Appt he told me that at the 6 week Appt if I have any concerns then I can go back to theatre free of charge. From the moment I came out of surgery I was shocked at how far apart my boobs were especially as I was specific that I wanted a one finger gap & every time I have seen him I can't stop mentioning it! I have upper pole fullness but no cleavage. I'm now starting to get worried!!!
  2. Hi Debilicious So far I have been. My boobs at the moment look really wide apart & that seems to worry me that they are not going to come close together. I did ask him yesterday about it but he just said they will change and that the gap will come together. I definitely agree with ashleighsara that it really tests your patients. Good luck with your op on Monday., so excited for you! Glad to hear everyone else is doing well.
  3. I am around 14 hours post op & feeling ok. I have just been taking Panadol so far. I didn't realise how uncomfortable it is to sleep on your back so I am struggling. I am usually a stomach & side sleeper. I'm not wearing any bra as Mark doesn't like to put one on for the first few weeks so I am constantly taking peeks.
  4. No not my boobs, they r my wish boobs! I think with the size I'm going I should b a Full D to DD but hoping to have the same size gap in the middle of my boobs as the picture and they same volume on top!
  5. Hi Ladies Just so excited I have to share. Just came back from seeing Pr Mark Ashton as I still had to choose my implant size for my BL/BA on the 19th. So happy I had this appt bc I was feeling really unsure & this appt was all about choosing my implants & I wasn't as overwhelmed like in my other appts as there wasn't so much info to take in. I also got to try his new machine he just got a week ago which takes a pic of your breasts & then he showed me what my boobs will look like with a lift & implants. It was so cool to get an idea how they might look. So finally.. I am getting a lollipop lift with Allergan Soft Gel implants, moderate profile with 310cc - dual plane. I also sent Karen the pictures to put in my profile for Mark on surgery date. I have attached a pic of how I want my boobies to look! Feel so relieved now.
  6. Good luck girls, wishing you an easy recovery!
  7. Hi mj1990 I don't seem to be on the list. Can you please add me on. My surgery is booked for the 19th. Thx
  8. Hi mj1990 My PS wants payment 2 weeks before my op which I was planning in putting all the monies on the credit card & then using it to pay so I can collect points. I then just need to pay my anaesthetist which Im guessing I will get a bill before my op as well. I then just need to pay my hospital excess of $450 on the day of surgery. I was lucky enough to have Medicare approve my lift and my private health fund is covering all hospital fees & even my implants as long as the hospital bills them directly. I saved myself quite a few $$$$
  9. I'm still not completely sure. Karen is going to squeeze me in before my op so I can go over it again with Mark. At the moment I'm definitely going with round textured silicone, dual plane. Just not sure if I want Allergan 240cc or Mentor 260cc. Just want to make sure they are going to give me the size I'm after. I know there is not much between them.
  10. Good luck PinkFriday! Hope it all goes well. I'm having surgery with Pr Mark Ashton on 19th August for BL/BA.
  11. Hi JADE89 Thanks for the request, i just accepted it! I agree that would be great to have someone to talk to. I had my last Appt with Mark on Monday. I must admit I walked out of there still feeling like I might have missed something. I'm still unsure about which implant I'm going to go with. I'm trying to decide between Allergan or Mentor. The next day I called Karen & explained that I'm still unsure so she is going to squeeze me in sometime before my op to discuss it with Mark.
  12. Hi D..E? licious Thanks so much for replying. That actually makes me feel a lot better. I would love if you can link me in when your done as I would love to hear about your experience. I know I have picked a great surgeon, I just need to stop overthinking everything.
  13. Hi Ladies I'm having surgery with PR Mark Ashton on 19th August for BL/BA. Were you given a list before surgery of any vitamins to take, what to bring & what to wear going home or anything? I've had my last Appt before surgery with him on Monday & I just don't feel like I may have all the info. I may be comparing myself to someone else I know who had a BA with a different doctor who just seemed so much more thorough with tests she had done before surgery & list of vitamins she had to take & also advising her to wash her breast area with antibacterial soap & so on. I think this is what is making me nervous!
  14. Hi Ladies I'm booked in with Professor Mark Ashton for BL/BA for 19th August.
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