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    1st Ba 375cc rounds over muscle jan 2013 .2nd Ba revision 360cc teardrop overs .Dr Robert Goldman.3rd Ba 375cc under muscle Dr Mark Lee :)
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    178cm 66kg pre 10a post 10 d

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  1. I choose Mark Lee to do my revision surgery 6 weeks ago from a previous perth surgens results .He and his staff were amazing !!!!!!!!!
  2. Yeah what about Jackie thinking her husband looks like Johnnie Depp . Not !!!!
  3. Not sure .I had mentor round textured
  4. I had a removal and replacement with Mark Lee from another surgeon.He was excellent and his staff were great aswell.
  5. It was 5months after my intial surgery .I was happy with size .But had bad trachion rippilling .So had them placed under muscle .
  6. I had revision surgery with another surgeon .And had to pay for his fee and anaesthetist fee implants were covered .I payed $7000 after medicare rebate .
  7. Also i got 375cc round high profile

  8. Hi Willissk had my first ba with goldman he only does unders and said would be fine for me.But had rippilling and my left implant displaced.So he re did the left and was no difference .So after he thought my expectations were to high .So i told him i am getting a second opinion.So went to mark .And he agread i should have gone under the muscle as im to thin.Wish i had of used him first time but **** happens ,Goldmen didnt care just wants the money .

  9. Thats great news can i said you a fr Gecko .Also who was your surgeon ?
  10. My surgeon said no need to massage .I have textured rounds .
  11. Havn't put up any pics yet .Will do on weekend.I had mentor textured rounds 375cc unders.Pre op 10a after thinking 10 d .My recoverer was great .Couldnt really handle the nausa from painkillers ,So stop taking them after day 5 and just needed the panadol.By the 2 weeks was back to work .Thought it was going to much worse then it was .So just rest up and take it easy .
  12. Hey super! What profile did you get? I see you have had a couple of BA's, I was originally going to go with Dr Goldman, why did you need 2 surgeries? Hope your surgery with Mark is the last one for you! x

  13. Good luck for tommorrow Willissk you must be so excited that the day has finally come .I had my ba with Mark 3 weeks ago and he is amasing at what he does .
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