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    Have had: Jaw Surgery with genioplasty- Dr Lance West, Auckland; Rhinoplasty- Dr Chris M, Melbourne; horrible botch liposuction- Dr Rushapol PIAC; Filler to lips, Botox to Masseter muscles
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    Jaw surgery-2007; rhinoplasty 2013, liposuction 2014
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    5ft5 height, 60 kg weight.

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  1. Many, many years ago I had a consult with Dr Tristan de Chalain about my nose. Funny enough I didn't go with him. I went with somebody else later in life- of which I'm now very happy with the results. There was a bad review on his rhino here: https://www.realself.com/review/new-zealand-nz-rhinoplasty-choose-your-surgeon-wisely He did suggest a strange thing about cutting some tendon in my face which subsequent consulted plastic surgeons couldn't understand. He was in NZ for a long time before moving to QLD. That was when I saw him and when this review was done. I was
  2. Such a good warning about this type of implant and the cosmetic surgeon that did it. Thanks for checking in and hope to hear the rest of the story soon
  3. Hi cookie. You actually can't lose 10kg from lipo unfortunately. Even after my very extensive liposuction it only equated to 2Kg or something like that. I agree with mrsrosehiptea. It's not a weight loss solution. You will either get a great result that is subtle or you will get a bad result if it is not done correctly. I went for the former- I wanted subtle changes, and unfortunately got the latter. Liposuction is also the hardest type of surgery to revise if something goes wrong so be very careful if you decide to go ahead. All the best with your research and decision making.
  4. I just read this whole thread Don! I'm so glad you are really looking into this as I know it's something you have desperately wanted for a long time. I trust your judgements on being able to veto any surgeon the world over. If you think Dr Pornthep is your guy then that's great. I can't help thinking how many million more XL boobies Dr Revis has done though. Personally- I truly wish I'd rather saved my money and got to the US in the first place for surgery. Their top surgeons are bloody brilliant! Did you ask Revis how much extra it would cost for lipo at all? I believe US lipo rates are so bl
  5. I've noticed that PIAC has recommended Dr Thanakom for liposuction work. I haven't actually seen the quality of the work though. Have Sonmio come through with pictures yet newlife2016?
  6. So glad you did Gabby! You're such an awesome, compassionate member of the community we'd hate to lose you. And you don't waffle at all!!! Elaborate perhaps but not waffle.
  7. Thanks Gabby. I'm same old, same old thanks. How are you? You said you were trying to gain a bit of weight to help the boobies? I was actually asking about the whitening with Don in mind as she's thinking of getting the Zoom- for her info. I had the Zoom whitening done in Thailand last year too and it has pretty much gone back to the old colour. Then again I do drink a lot of coffee (don't smoke though). Yea it looks like coffee might be the factor here . Just something to bear in mind if you are getting the Zoom whitening and love your coffee too much to stop- results may not last. The tray
  8. Did your whitening last Gabby? I think I might drink too much coffee
  9. Lipo can go very wrong. If tissue is removed from the wrong areas around the saddlebag area i.e the buttocks- the butt collapses and becomes like a very old ladies butt. Sometimes creating a double gluteal fold. Rippled skin, divots and chunks of fat gouged out like something has attacked and bitten chunks out of the person. It's also the hardest surgery to revise and if the surgeon gets it too wrong you're stuffed. The year of the Dog on the Chinese Zodiac!!! Awesome people us dogs ;-) Loving hearing all about everyone. What a good idea this was Don!!!
  10. Oh Don- also let us know what he says about which areas. I just had other look at your pics and you really do have a perfect body!
  11. I'm the same age as you Don. Just recently turned 33. Life sure is going fast! I'm the sensitive "artistic" type I've been in various creative areas throughout the years from design to advertising. Around the age of 25 I started wanting to do something "meaningful" so I moved into doing art therapy and art education specialising in high level behaviour teenagers. I'm currently employed in one of the toughest schools in Victoria and run the Art Department there. I've been with my hubby since I was 19. We finally got married a few years ago and we are very much still in love. No kids but we ar
  12. Just saw this. You are welcome to talk to me. I learned so much since the surgery that I wish I'd known before. Hopefully now I can help others. I posted a video in this thread to see the worst case scenario of bad Vaser work. Basically it makes revisions that much harder. Furthers scar tissue if fat grafting needs to be done to depressions it reduces chances of the fat graft taking. There are happy Vaser customers out there but it is 100% dependant on the technique of the surgeon. Certain areas MUST be performed with microcanulas. Some places do not have Vaser microcanulas. I would suggest yo
  13. Yes apparently there is a theory that Vaser creates more seromas due to the heat? Its a theory and some doctors stand by it while others don't. I guess the best option is to first ensure you have a great compression garment. Start looking for one now! Body Plus has good ones in stock. Then the longer you stay there in Bangkok the better. And obviously as you say- don't overdo it. I can't imagine how people go to the gym before the 8 week mark. I was in absolute agony but then again it could have been due to the poor technique of my surgeon. Perhaps better work means being more strict on yourse
  14. Hi PrincessJasmine. Thanks for your feedback and I'm really happy that you are pleased with your results. Dr Pipyas has got some great reviews on here for lipo so far. However this month we had somebody post their revision liposuction story from his initial lipo. The good news for her is he wasn't overaggressive and it was repairable which is better than a really bad job like mine. I'm going to post her quote below so that people can read all these things when making their decision.
  15. Yes considering it's some of the most well priced in Thailand and he also seems to be the best at it you've got to be onto a winner if all the reviews are good! Funny how paying top dollar in Thailand for lipo definitely does not equal good results!
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