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    Breast Augmentation - Silicone - Round - Smooth - Under Muscle
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    Dr H Farrow Mid June 2014. 375cc round mod + silicone.
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    170cm - 53kg - 8B/10A pre op. Post op: 8E/10DD so happy :)

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  1. I got mod + profile. If I had my time again, I would consider high profile. The thing I love about my mod + profile is they dont look too small width wise when I wear my cleavage bra. It makes them fully touch in the middle (like a bum crack lol) but I still have a little side boob aswell. If I went with the high profile, i wouldnt be able to get the side boob and cleavage at the same time with the same cc's. Maybe high profile but with a little more CC so the width ends up the same would be the ultimate. I do think that when Im wearing more singlets and dresses in summer I will be thinking they are more than big enough though. Oh seriously, I dont think as a female we are ever 100% perfect, happy, not matter what we get haha ; I do like how no one has noticed Ive had them done yet though and its been about 9 weeks. Oh apart from the kinder assistant, she has stared at them a couple of times lol
  2. Day 2 post op also. It not that hard, just take your time, the water does most of the work. Take a brush in the shower and brush the conditioner through before rinsing
  3. You can get it from any GP, doesnt have to be your normal one. All you need to say is that you have an appointment with a PS/CS (you need to know their name) in relation to possible Breast Augmentation. The doctor shouldn't be judging or questioning you at all, there is no certain category that you have to fit, everyone qualifies as its only a consult. With the letter you will get about $75 back from Medicare.
  4. Check out Bee-20, she has a post op - current pic in the gallery today. You will see what we mean, massive difference.
  5. 5 Days post op is wayyyy too early. I had smooth silicones and there was no way they were looking their biggest by only 5 days. Going under the muscle, you need to give the muscle time to relax and stretch. As this happens, the gel in the implant can move forward and down. My smooths took about 6 weeks to stop the major changes. I know waiting really sucks but take a side on and front on picture each week or 2. Then use you phone and an app like pic collage to do side by side comparisons. You probably wont notice the different stages when you are looking in the mirror every day. But with the pics, you can compare your first post op picture to where you are each week.
  6. You don't have to say anything at all if you don't want to. Take a guess at what you think you are, go try them on and then the one you think is the best fit, ask them to check if it's correct. I don't live near a BNT store so I just told them straight away as I don't know them, they were fantastic and happy to check if my guess was correct. They see fake ones everyday so it's nothing to them. You could always do an online size check before going shopping to give you an idea.
  7. Pre op: 8B/10A. 375cc Mod + profile under muscle Post op: 8E/10DD
  8. It could be a build up of collagen or whatever it's called. I had small lumps appear along my incisions so I left them for a few days. Then they got the better of me so after a long hot shower, I pushed on them and I felt them pop. It felt so strange. Nothing has come back since. Also at the end of one of my incisions I had a hard longer lump that wouldn't pop. It had been there the a while. I felt my boob was finally soft and squishy enough to try and see what it was this morning, turns out the tiny end of a disolvable stitch was there. I tried pulling it but it just broke off, so guessing that's what the lump is under the skin.
  9. So sorry to hear that your surgery got cancelled. I would suggest you get some Inner health tablets. They have sooooo much good bacteria that eat all the bad bacteria in your body. They have to be kept in the fridge at all times as they are a live growing thing so be sure to get them on your way home. Available at all chemists. Best of luck to you x
  10. Hi Emmy, Can you tell us abit more about yourself. Height, weight and current bra size? My surgeon says that for every 100cc, you are roughly adding a cup size. So If you were a full B, 620 would roughly take you to F/G cup?? That was based on myself, I was a 8B/10A pre op, 8E/10DD post op with 375cc
  11. Just click the quote button on the RHS of someones comment and it adds it down the bottom where you type
  12. Ciara, I found that if he was really careful not to pull them upwards (feels like its ripping the incisions open) then about 2 weeks. They are still very firm etc but can fondle and lick and suck (as long as you dont get the super sensitive nipples post surgery that some get). I must say its a really strange feeling if you have one that is numb though
  13. I would not hesitate in reposting him ASAP. It up to you but I would be ringing (1300 419 495 - AHPRA) and letting them know. People like him need to have their licences taken away. He obviously has no problem with putting peoples lives at risk. He shouldn't be allowed to practise at all!
  14. I'm a Hamish farrow girl and love what he did. I can't speak highly enough of him. Feel free to FR if you would like to see before and after pics. I would personally recommend Hamish farrow or mark Ashton as the best in Melbourne, but that's just my opinion and from what research I did and what qualifications and involment they have on the plastic surgeons board etc. As you will see in my pics, Hamish goes the extra mile to get them as perfect as possible, but still only with the same small incisions. My nipples were uneven etc and now they are amazing. Goodluck with whoever you decide on though.
  15. From what I understand, drop and fluff means the muscles start to relax around the implant which allows the silicone/saline to move towards the bottom of the actual implant. As it settles, it fills out width wise too. I had mentor implants and this has happened to me, I dont know about Brazilian Polyurethune ones though.
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