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    Tummy Tuck Full
    Breast Augmentation 420cc round low profile
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    Dr Andrew Broadhurst, January 29th 2015
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    158cms / 63kgs / Small 10B
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    Photographer and mum

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  1. Hey hun I'm 5 days post op from a full TT and BA, it has been a pretty easy recovery so far only had panadol as pain management since 2 days post op
  2. Lol I done it wrong to mine is costing around $20,000 , I have financed it through Mac credit $90 per week for 7 years :-) xx
  3. I'm booked in with Dr Broadhurst for a Tummy Tuck and Breast Augmentation, on the 29th of January i can't wait. Though i am a little scared of the pain lol, Dr Broadhurst said 2 days in hospital depending on how i handle the pain. :-)
  4. Hey hun just wondering how did you go did you get to leave the bars in, i am still a while away from getting my BA but have been wondering if i can keep them in xx
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