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  1. Its been about 13 weeks. Unfortunately it isn't just swelling my nose was not made sloped at all like agreed upon, the hump that was barely visable is now a prominent feature on my nose and one of my nostrils has curled upwards and won't come back down even after following his instructions. I am devistated. Who did your primary rhino if you don't mind me asking? Have you looked into revision yet? Would you go with the same surgeon? What are you unhappy about with your primary? I know, its terrifiying the thought of being even more unhappy. Not to mention going through it all again ahh it was definitely one of the most unpleasant things. Nope still haven't told him as I got sick when I was over there and had to push my surgery back a week which resulted in me loosing my job plus you can't even tell that I have had Rhino so there is really no point. My wedding is the end of next year but unfortunately I wouldn't be able to get revision until I am 12 months post so It would be cutting it to close to the wedding with swelling. I guess I just have to deal with feeling self conscious on my wedding day. I find if I don't think about it then I'm not to bad hut the minute I look in the mirror or see a picture of myself I just break down. But there are bigger things in life I guess. Xxx
  2. Help!!!! I am 3 weeks post op and I HATE my side profile still. The main reason I got Rhino done was to reduce my side profile dramatically. Although it has defiantly been reduced it is still very big and not sloped at all. The bump that was barley visible before is now very prominent. I have my wedding in 1 year and now I am wanting to postpone it. I feel just as self conscious as before if not worse due to the bump. I have spoken to my surgeon and he just keeps saying that its to early to tell, but I don't feel this is the case at all. Has anyone else been in this situation and what did you do?
  3. Hey, How do you feel about your results now? I am 9 days post op and freaking out because from what I can see so far it's not what I wanted
  4. I arrived in Bangkok today after a few days in phi phi. I have my consultation with Dr Montien tomorrow morning and then surgery the day after. Eeek it's all so real now...so nervous
  5. I my self have decided to go to thailand and have surgery with dr montien. But if I was able to afford a top surgeon in Aus. I would of gone with Dr greenwood. I have heard amazing things about him.
  6. Hey taurus, Thanks for the reply! I decided to tell my mum last night. She didn't take it well at first but is slowly coming around now. I am keeping it from my sister and dad for now though. I leave tomorrow. Oh and im going with my Fiancé.
  7. Hey everyone, I am booked in to have Rhinoplasty with Dr Montien on the 10th of September and I am leaving this coming Monday 5th September. I have a few questions I would love answered and any advice, and experiences would be much appreciated! First of all, Can anyone reccomended items I should make sure I pack to keep myself comfortable and entertained? Secondly, My family doesn't know that I am getting surgery infact they don't even know I'm going to Thailand or on Holiday. I can't tell them because they would freak out and be completely against it, if I mention Thailand they will straight away guess it is for plastic surgery and the reason I can't tell them that I am even going away is because I am getting married next year and I am very lucky to have my Dad help pay for it. I worry that if he was to know that I was going on holiday instead of puting money aside for the wedding he would say he would no longer help out. I currently live in a different state to them but we talk a few times a week on the phone. Has anyone else been in this situation ? How did you avoid talking on the phone for the time you were away? Can anyone give me any advice at all? Anyways, I will try to keep posted with how my surgery and everything else goes Xxxxx
  8. I am looking at having surgery with Dr Teerasut, I'm going through an australian company called restored beauty getaways. I have heavy sagging double DD's at the moment and have been recommended to have Breast Lift with some amount of lower pole breast tissue reduction and implants. I am so scared i am not going to be happy with the end result and have no idea what to expect!!! has anyone herd anything about him, is he a good surgeon?
  9. I would <3 to see your results as i am looking into getting the same thing!
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