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    Breast augmentation
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    Dr jib 17th July 2014
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  1. It's not physically hot or burning it's like a burning sensation when I touch this skin almost like sunburn. It's not red and only painful After I have been massaging them for a couple of minutes a- I'm the worst at explaining myself lol
  2. Hi ladies I am 11 days post op and I had a pretty easy recovery however for the last 24hrs my right breast feels really right and swollen and the skin almost feels burning. Just wanting some assurance that this is the healing process and that I haven't overdone it and putting myself at risk of cc Freaking out
  3. Yay I leave Wednesday and have surgery with dr jib on Thursday I can't wait! Does he help you with sizes or did you just tell him to go as big as he could? Lol
  4. Wowzer it's coming up so quick! In on the 17th which is Thursday - I'm getting nervous lol
  5. That's crap teardrop! Well I go in with dr jib on the 17th won't see you anymore make sure u tell GPS of the surgery date change
  6. Ahhh I'm still getting withdrawals from this site lol I'm a week out from surgery and not being able to look at people's photos is making me sad lol
  7. Get a travel card so you can lock in your conversion fee and so fees aren't high for ATM use. Check out the bank you are with I'm with nab and they so a great travel card with no initial loading fee till august 1st
  8. Hi guys I see a lot of people buying bras and just want all the ladies to know that are having their ba shortly that in October the triumph factory are having there twice annually sale. All bras are $6.00 - they have other brands there aswell and generally sell some beautiful bras - it's at wynnum don't know the date yet but I know it's in October just an FYI!
  9. Thanks phuket puppies is it comfortable for them? Is their a bed or couch?
  10. What sort of hernia did you have? Could it be more related to that than your tummy tuck? I have had hernia operation - umbilical and that I could get weird sensations for 6 months after op
  11. Hi ladies, I'm heading to bangkok phuket hospital in July and my best friend is coming with me - can she stay the night at the hospital or will she need to go home?
  12. I'm ok, it's just up and down :/ xxx

  13. Hey Hun sent an FR would love to see your results

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