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  1. Thanks for the advice lillyw11 and Vivian. Hopefully there's a bit more improvement over the next few days.
  2. I hope so Lindat. newbie88 - It doesn't hurt. Its kinda firm and it feels like rather than a curved edge, its straight
  3. Hi ladies, I think my lefty is developing CC. It sits higher than my right which seems to have dropped a little. Where i am pointing it feels very straight and not curved like the right and is more noticable when wearing the stabiliser. I can also feel a little bump at the bottom. I massaging as prescribed and wear the stabiliser as instructed. I'm booked in to see the nurse next Tuesday but am freaking out until then. Wondering if you could help me? Am i paranoid or has the left just not dropped or am a really developing CC
  4. Hi cloudbambi - I could't upload the images on the conversation so I have created an album for you on my profile :) These are all the pics i took in with me. I cropped them all so i pretty much went in with a cleavage collage.. Ive got textured implants as I want to avoid the risk of it shifting. Mine are high profile. If you have a look through his website, you might find some with UHP. I'm pretty sure there are a few girls on here with UHP anatomicals. Did you get to feel the different implants? what size do you want to be after your op?

  5. Hi Cloudbambi - Congrats on the booking! How exciting
  6. Joining too! 10 days post op and counting.. I'm going to Europe in 6 weeks. I hope the magical D&F happens before then!!
  7. Hi cloudbambi - My op was on a Friday and I went back to work on Wednesday, so technically i only had 3 days work off but i had 5 days to recover. Although Dr. T does recommend taking a week off work, I felt absolutely fine on Wednesday. I work in an office so didn't have to leave my desk at all. Everyone is different. I was totally fine with my pain meds (no side effects) and stopped taking them after day 3. As you saw from my pre op pics, I had NO breast tissue at all, so I knew anatomical for the right option for me for a natural look. If i had breast tissue to begin with, I probably would have considered rounds. I have Polytech (brand) Anatomicals. As you know they come in different profiles but they also come in different bases. So you can have HP anatomical with a round base or oval base. It depends on the look you are after and also your measurements. This is why Dr T tailors implants for you. There are so many different combinations. I've got textured. You will be able to feel the different types of implants during your consult and Dr T and Abby will talk you through any questions you have about them. I have really low body fat and having textured isn't an issue. I do like to work out so having textured does also mean they are less likely to shift. For what I have (textured, polytech anatomical, 80% under the muscle) the is a 2% chance of CC. One more thing - trust your PS. Dr T ordered 4 different sizes for me from 315cc to 365cc. On my last pre op consult, I tried them on again and didn't want the bigger sizes. I wanted the 315cc and Abby made a note on my file 'prefers smaller sizes' On the day of my op I gave dr T some pictures just a reminder of what i wanted to achieve. When I woke up after my op, Dr T said he had put in the 350cc. In my head I was starting to panic because i thought its too big. Turns out - they are perfect! He knew the look I wanted and knew how to achieve it. He knows boobs better that we do. I'm glad i didnt go with the smaller implants because they are under the muscle, they are already compressed a little. Good luck with your consult!
  8. Totally agree with Sami.j - I'm just 1 week post op BA and with Dr T. No bruising, minimal swelling and was back at work on Wednesday. He is a perfectionist and has an eye for detail. I've been trying to get around with writing about my experience but I'm struggling a little as I never experienced a lot of the symptoms most girls have mentioned. Everybody does heal differently so that could also contribute. However, I do believe Dr T technique played a major role in my speedy recovery
  9. Hi cloudbambi - I didn't go with the fat graft. On my last pre op consult with Dr T, I was still a little undecided and because of that, he recommended I don't go ahead and just see how I feel after. I felt so relieved he didn't push it on me. He said I can alway have this done at a later date and he ca do it in this clinic (no need to go back to hospital) I'm still a little swollen but I'm already loving my cleavage so for now I don't think the fat grafting will be necessary for now. Promise will get around to uploading pics.
  10. Hi Tdim88. I'm 4 days post op with Dr Tavakoli. He has done an amazing job and i have had very quick recovery. Will be posting my experience shortly (and pics of course)
  11. HI Freshstart. I'm feeling fantastic. If i had known it was this easy, I would have done them years ago. My recovery so far has been really good. I will post something shortly of my experience over the last few days (and some pic of course)

  12. Hi twixy, noticed you were in for surgery with Tavakoli on the 30th May. I hope all has gone well for you and your recovery is a short one :) Cant wait to hear about your experience with Tavakoli and see your results fi you decide to post them :)

  13. Hi flapjack and cloudbambi - So far Dr T as well as his entire staff have been great. One of my biggest test was taking my bf to the first consult - he has very good intuition about people and his 'gut feeling' was good with Dr T. Dr T is very easy going and very professional. Now just waiting for the end result!. I'm going in for another consult tomorrow. I'm now leaning more to the 315cc end and will be asking more about fat grafting. Will keep you posted. Only 4 more sleeps!
  14. Hi the fine line.. Sending you a FR - I'm hoping for something on the smaller side. PS has recommend 315-365cc. I think im leaning more to the 315 end
  15. HI BellaBee, Just sent a friend request. I really like you end result. Can i ask what size you ended up with? I'm having mine done on Friday and I have my last consult on Tuesday. Still undecided about size. Its either 315 or 365cc. I'm having anatomical sub muscular. I'm starting with nothing!

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