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    Breast Implants
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    Dr. Justin Perron - 15 August 2014
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    my kids <3, fitness, dancing, gym,

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  1. diva


    I'm getting high profile. How do I FR?
  2. diva


    Anyone else getting 345cc? I'd love to see some pics! My stats are 170cm tall, 63kg.
  3. Consult done and size picked! 345cc hp. Love Dr Perron, felt very comfortable with him. Surgery in 9 days!!!!!!
  4. I haven't met mine yet, consultation is on the 7th August, but I googled him and he has an excellent reputation Australia-wide so I am very comfortable.
  5. I'm booked at the Gold Coast. I couldn't do the time away in Thailand due to young kids. Even Sydney and TCI was hard to plan then Gold Coast came up.
  6. I just booked and paid my deposit with CosMediTour on the gold coast. Soooooo friken excited!!!!! My surgeon is Dr. Justin Perron.
  7. My friend went with him nearly 12 months ago. She is super happy and they look amazing. So natural that I wasnt 100% sure they were real or fake! I wish I could use him but I cant afford him unfortunately.
  8. I got the same info. Does that mean its TRAINEE surgeons doing the actual BA?
  9. Send a friend request to Rebecca Cera. The group is kept private/secret to protect the privacy of the girls who post on it
  10. Can anyone tell me what TCI's "lifetime warranty" covers? I have asked them for more info on this twice now but they havent answered me.
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