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  1. I stayed at nap patong, which is really very nice and quiet, but literally a two minute walk to the start of the markets on the sea front and the pubs and stuff are about a five minute walk around the corner. If you hate being badgered by the stall holders all the time, you can always hit the beach and walk along the sand. I thought it was a great location! The resort is 4 star I think, but I got it really cheap. 12 days, 3 of us for $750 AU including buffet brekky. Worth it! How are the BOOBIES??? I LOVE mine and all my girlfriends can't believe how natural they look! Cheers Dr Jib!
  2. Let us know how your boobs go Squiddy! It sucks having to wait to see them! I bet they're lovely! X
  3. You're so kind Allyan! All is great with my boobs. I was being a bit of a negative Nel. Learning to massage today xxx
  4. All the best girls!! I know how anxious/nervous/excited you all must be feeling, but it will be the BEST decision of your life! I have been buying so many gorgeous new dresses that will show off my beautiful new cleavage- shopping used to make me so depressed as everything looked crapola on me! Not anymore!! Make sure you keep us updated
  5. I went through BHP directly. Filled out a med form and sent off snaps of my boobs, chose my date. Then kept an eye out for cheap flights! I'm sure an agency would have to get you to do all those things bar the flights anyway, plus it will save you a quid that you can use for more shopping!! The care and the transfers have been faultless. I got a BA last week from Dr Jib and am having my teeth whitened this afternoon after Dr jib shows me how to massage my gorgeous new boobies. All the best with your decision and I'm sure you will adore your new look xxx
  6. Oh and remember you can always ask for them to turn the morph up a bit if you're in pain. I was pretty much doped up and pain free at the hosp and had withdrawals from morph after I left to go back to my hotel! Didn't help that Dr Jib didn't let me see my new boobs for three days, so I was soooo paranoid! Worth the wait! One thing I must say though, I have barely slept since being here. If you're used to sleeping on your tummy, forget about getting a good night's sleep! All the staff are wonderful and you won't wait more than 30 secs if you press that buzzer for assistance.
  7. Hi Directa, Sorry I don't know how to quick reply! I was a deflated pancake A and had non existent cleavage. I would say my boobs will most def end up being at least a full C. I'm 180 ish cm, broad shoulders and weigh 75kg. I'm not even super fit atm, but my boob job has turned out better than I ever hoped for! My gorgeous friends cried when the bandies came off!!! You are in incredibly safe hands! I'm going to the hospital tomorrow to learn how to massage. Big shout out to Bright Eyes and I can't wait to hear your story!! I'd be happy to post pics if someone can show me how to do it! Xxx
  8. This is such a good question! I am such a hypocrite because I raise my children to always be honest, yet I didn't tell my four little ones about the surgery. Mainly because they're being looked after by my MIL and I didn't want the rest of the extended family knowing, as I have very little to do with the judgemental you know what's! I did, however, tell ALL of my friends! I'm still here in Thailand and told the little ones that I was going for a girly getaway. My oldest (Master 6), loves eavesdropping on adult conversation though, and a week or so before I left for my holidays, I was having a bath and he mentioned how small my breasts had become. Then he said "just get them done". Little turd! He's been listening in on my phone convos no doubt!!! So I said that as women get older, they 'naturally' (wink wink) fill out and that I would definitely have bigger boobs one day. Haha! That day has come!!!
  9. I know! I'm in Thailand atm too and need the reassurance everything's going to be fine, because it's not like we can just nip down the road and pop in to see our PS! Thanks ladies, you've eased my mind and now to wait and see what Dr Jib has to say! I'll keep icing just to be sure, to be sure. Hubby is DYING to get his hands on my new assets
  10. Cool, exactly what I've been doing and plan on doing for the rest if today. Actually feels pretty good again. But man, we invest soooo much money in these things, it would be devastating to ruin our look!!! X
  11. Hi everyone, Yesterday (one week post op), I couldn't avoid bearing most of my weight (75kg) to pull myself up. I felt quite intense pain as I did this and as a precaution, have been icing on and off ever since. There is very slight redness under my left breast. No fever. I still feel slightly sore, but it's hard to differentiate as there has been pain intermittently since the op anyway. Not severe now, just bruised. I am seeing the ps tomorrow, but just wanted to know if anyone else has accidentally done this and if there is cause for concern. I absolutely adore my new look and am kicking myself for potentially impeding my recovery!!! TIA
  12. Hey Bright Eyes, I know that everyone says he's quite conservative with size, but you are able to try on the sizers you prefer. He will stress that he can't guarantee your preferred size, but will do what looks best and natural. All the best xxx
  13. Dr jib was my doctor last week and he was professional, kind and most importantly, HAS GIVEN ME THE BEST BOOBIES EV-ERRRR!!! Hahaha, best decision of my life!!! All the best xxx
  14. Hi Everyone. I am 6 days post op from BA with Dr Jib. My entire experience has been unbelievable and my new breasts are perfect in every way. At the consult, Dr Jib was going to fit me with 375cc on the left and 400cc on the right (my left was slightly bigger). Sounds massive, but I'm very tall and my breast tissue was non-existent. I was hoping for the bigger sizer that I tried on (450cc) and he said he would try. All the nurses were lovely. I left my two support friends in the hospital room (which was AWESOME) and went up to the 'blue room' for surgery. Started bawling my eyes out on the table and Dr Jib held my hand and told me he does this everyday. A few minutes later (was actually three hours!), I woke up groggy as in another room with a tight feeling in my chest and ALOT of pain. I was shivering like ***** and was thinking 'holy *****, something's wrong!'. Nurses and Dr Jib came straight to my aid, put some anti-shaking med in my drip and a big hit of morph for the pain. That was the ONLY instant I felt proper pain since! Dr jib also told me he'd managed to fit the 450cc in both boobs. As I was bandaged up for three days and wasn't able to have a sneak peek at the girls, I was a bit worried that my left boob would be a bit bigger. NO NEED TO WORRY!!! I went to my Friday check up to get the bandies off and WOW!!! I honestly have the most glorious boobs and will most likely end up being a full C/small D cup, EXACTLY what I wanted. Perfect shape and the healing has been hiccup free. Even going for an elephant ride this morning! The staff at the hospital are so wonderful and if you press that buzzer, they are there for you instantly. Good luck guys, you don't need it! Xxx
  15. How did you go? I hope you are loving your new look xxx
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