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  1. It's day 5 now and getting over sleeping upright now my ass and back are so sore ? and my left boob is still bigger than the other, getting frustrated with that but the period hasn't bothered me too much which is good, the medications helps soon much with the pain lol! I have my check up and stitches out tomorrow I can't wait! Good luck with your surgery you will be fine ?
  2. Hey girls! It's day 3 post op and I don't have any pain just a bit soreness and my butt and back hurt from having to sleep up! I had the pleasure of getting my period during recovery (which hurts more) so my panadeine forte is helping to deal with that! One boob is more swollen than the other but I have been told this is normal so hopefully it subsides soon ?
  3. Yeah I had my surgery on Saturday and omg I was so nervous! But I haven't had much pain as well and I got my period which hurts more! I can't wait until they settle in a bit, I have major swelling in one more than the other which hopefully subsides ?
  4. Hehe it was hard not to eat or drink believe me I had to start fasting at 6 am so I made sure I woke up at 5:30 to eat and drink, it's day two and I literally feel amazing but a bit sore and my breasts look like torpedoes at the moment. Going to have my first shower tonight, a bit nervous ?
  5. Hey girls I had my surgery at 1 today and was so nervous I cried before arriving but was quite surprised that I wasn't very sore at all when I woke up! I felt like I had an amazing nap and the tiniest bit sore and still not much pain?but it might kick in tonight, to the girls who haven't gone yet please relax it really isn't bad at all and this is coming from a girl who fainted getting light headed from a blood test lol
  6. I'm on my way now! Freaking out! 155 cm and 43 kg, hopefully going 350 cc ?
  7. Hey May girls! I am getting my surgery tomorrow with dr Wong at tci and nerves are definitely settling in now ? I will fill you in on how it all goes!
  8. Hey! I'm glad to here everything went smoothly ? I am 155 cm and 43 kg, I'm getting it done on Saturday with Dr Wong and the nerves and starting to kick in now! Dreading recovery please tell me it's not that bad ?
  9. oh awesome! I accepted, so excited!
  10. Hey may girls! Im all booked in for the 3rd of May at TCI with Dr Wong, So excited for my new boobies cant wait to burn my push up bras!! Was pretty much shitting myself but you know what so many girls have gone through it and are loving it so bring it on!!
  11. Hey girls! I'm getting my BA done early May with TCI and wondering if anyone can give me some info on post- op tips on how to deal with pain/soreness and what cream to use pre and post op I've been told Bio oil? Also I am 155cm and 42 kg and about a B cup atm, my surgeon recommended a 300cc,is there any girls out there that are around the same size with pics or any advice on what size you went? Im thinking I might go bigger
  12. I'm going for my consult on Tuesday and going to set a date then but I am thinking May so I will let you know!
  13. Booked in for my consult in a couple of days with Dr Wong at the TCI, just wondering if there is anyone who has had it done there with some feedback or even had Dr Wong as their surgeon that would be great! Thanks
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