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  1. I got an email asking how everything was going and if i am having any concerns to email pictures to them to assess it
  2. I spent maybe 700 between my partner and I by the way for two weeks and we went all out with food and shopping and having a few drinks (Virgin drinks for me!!). We hardly spent anything, really. It was great
  3. They stay so numb even now at 17 days I'm still somewhat numb! They are still quite hard but not so much as before Congrats, can't wait to hear your progress and the rest of your story!!!!
  4. You definitely get bloated after surgery and I found it took a week and a half for it all to go completely down. I gained 3 kilos while there (no regrets) but it's just something that happens on holidays! Have fun and relax. Don't eat more than what makes you comfortable and just focus on getting better from surgery. Plenty of time to look after your weight after you're back to 100%
  5. I'm 17 days post op with Dr. Veerawat and so far so good. He gave me exactly what I want and I'm very happy. I stopped all pain meds day three and am feeling great.. This would be different for everyone though! As with most of the popular surgeons in Thailand I think they are all quite straight to the point and busy - however dr V made an appointment for me when I was having issues with my medications and helped me straight away! I would reccomend looking at everyone's afters and finding out what style you like best, then going with the work your comfortable with. I rarely hear anything bad about all the surgeons at PIAC or Dr. Piyapas so whoever you choose will hopefully do an amazing job! Xx
  6. Thanks for the info! I did a good old google and it seems a lot of people have a similar story, no conclusive evidence on the reason though! I'll shoot him an e-mail and report the findings here
  7. Um, wow. These look absolutely fantastic. Such great volume, and so perky!!
  8. So, I'm 16 days post op and have been having a weird feeling in my left implant. Whenever I do my breast massage, move the implants or bend over/move sometimes I can feel it... 'move'. If I push upwards near the fold it feels like the implant is moving upwards entirely. It doesn't hurt at all, it just feels odd. My right implant has not 'dropped' as much and I can't feel it move as much as the left. My breasts do not look or feel abnormal it's just the weird moving sensation, almost like there's air in there or something. The feeling is always right near the incision (made in my breast fold). Has anyone else had this or might know what it is? I can't just visit my surgeon as I had my surgery in Thailand, I might give him an e-mail but wanted to know whether something like this has happened to other girls. Oh - and my left implant is 390cc textured high profile teardrop dual plane and my right is 350cc.
  9. And the small boobie committee mourns the loss of another two members.... CONGRATULATIONS LADIES!!!! It's smooth sailing from a few days in. Can't wait to hear how you both get along!!! Xxx
  10. So exciting! What did you end up with? X
  11. Also sorry to triple post haha - using card or money exchange at PIAC won't attract a very high rate. It's usually what your bank decides it is. Not worth it
  12. It was at a 1AUD = 30.2 Thai baht by the way. However I didn't exchange there as I used card - but it was the best I saw during my stay! They will fluctuate daily
  13. They are open for ages until around 11 at night. There's a really good place with 0$ or percent fees in central festival with the highest exchange rate from AUD to thai baht. Remember to have your passport or ID on you!
  14. So, I had my follow up appointment this morning. One thing, and maybe one of the only things I don't like about PIAC is how you wait in that lobby for ages... I was stressing about being late because it was morning and the school rush was on, but I ended up waiting almost an hour to be called through by a nurse to get my stitches out. She was rough pulling off the bandages so that wasn't fun. The stitches coming out I could hardly feel at all, so that was good! She then took some photos, cleaned it and put me back on the table to wait for Dr. V to come in. Maybe another 15 minutes later he came in, had a look and it was redressed with some thin tape and another waterproof dressing to take off after a week. He said that they were looking great and explained the massages to me and how often to do them, and I asked about the risks of CC. He said in his experience it was around 3% and he thought the best way to prevent it was to massage. If massage doesn't prevent it he would reoperate. He then took some photos then disappeared while I waited in the lobby again for another 20 minutes. I went to collect scar cream they generously gave me, then got taken back to my hotel. It's time I note I have not taken one pain medication at all since the night I had my panic attack except one valium to help me sleep the night before last, and my antibiotics. I am in only a very mild amount of pain and find that I get quick shooting pains through either breast, generalised aching, sore nipples (the worst for me!) and a soreness that feels like my nipples are hard when they are not - that said, I am constantly on 'high beam'! Which I don't mind, because I get some kick seeing them come through clothing knowing there isn't a padded bra under there! Now I was asked if leaving early violates the PIAC guaruntee - which it does. However; when I meant leaving early I meant I was cutting my holiday short and am leaving today but still within the PIAC guaruntee of 7 days post op! I wouldn't reccomend leaving until then, of course! So I'm waiting on the transfers to my flight, dressed comfy and have some nurofen and valium on stand by and I've started taking my arnica pills for slight muscle aches and the tiny bit of bruising I have. So far it's all going well! Xoxo
  15. He said to wear them for another few weeks and check weekly on how I like the slope of my boobs and when I like it to wear supportive non underwire or push up bras. I can wear underwire after 3 months Have you had your surgery yet?
  16. Also personally I am not a fan of the cotton on zip bras - they are like a swimsuit sort of fabric and I found it to be too 'heavy' under clothing. The fabric also seemed to me to hold in sweat a bit and git a bit stuffy. Would definitely reccomend spending the extra $$ on a carefix bra! So soft and very well made.
  17. I went with dr v and I got given two boob tube style ones. I have to wear them for a while until I'm happy with how my boobs have dropped, but I'm sure every surgeon gives you something to wear after surgery even though it says to bring your own in the information. I went with the carefix chart and I got the recommended small (I toom my measurements and predicted a dd) and it's too small post op. There's just too much swelling. I would recommend getting a post op bra of your choosing AFTER you get back to Australia - you won't need one until then anyways, and you won't waste $55 like I did trying to predict a size! Xx
  18. Thanks ladies! Much better today. Surprisingly i'm in not much pain even without the meds, but I do have some neurofen on stand by just in case You guys must be so excited with your BA's coming up so soon!
  19. Were you in the blue dress with dark hair? Well if I looked disheveled and tired it was probably me!! Haha
  20. Oh and just so everyone knows - I have had anxiety for a very long time so an anxiety attack isn't something new to me, but this severe is unusual. I put it down to being stressed, the meds and just being tired from surgery NOT anything Dr V or PIAC have done! I don't want anyone to be scared off! The nurses were nothing short of lovely and i'm excited to continue on my journey!
  21. Thank you everyone for the concern and well wishes <3 it means a lot to me thanks guys - so, i'm pretty sure I had a very severe panic attack. Enough to scare me a bit, one of my medications interacted with my anti depressants and my body let me know about it. I'm currently really scared of it reccurring so i'll be leaving thailand a few days early. I've stopped all medications except my antibiotics, which is fine because i'm actually not in any pain. I have a few Valium in case I get another episode. I met him at PIAC today to make sure stopping all the pain meds was okay, and he said as long as i'm feeling ok that's fine However, the boobs are doing great! haha. I get my last post op on Friday, so i'll see what Dr. V says about them then :
  22. Yeah I sort of gave up with the tattoos thing, mine are too much to hide so whatever haha I'll just crop out what I can. I'm still in the hospital and I think it's anxiety related - I think something prescribed to me is interacting with my anti anxiety medication. I'm going to see if I can be prescribed a calmative or something. Might have to start taking the Valium at night
  23. Tonight, I took a turn for the worst. I woke up short of breath and had a major panic attack - I foulent feel my arms, I fainted, going to the toilet a lot, dry mouth. I tried to calm down but it kept coming back. I've never experienced anything like it. I caught a cab to the hospital, they gave me something to slow my heart rate and put me in the observation bay. Every time I fall asleep, I jolt awake because I had skipped a breath or stopped breathing. I got an appointment with dr v at 9am to discuss this, but I'm very scared right now. I don't know what's causing it.
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