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    Breast augmentation: Round, under the muscle, high profile, unsure of CC
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    Dr Veerawat 20th September 2014
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  1. hi! Dr V told me i would need to agree to a possible lift so stuck with Dr Boonchai who agreed no lift but the compromise was teardrop implants to help lift and fill sag xx

  2. Teardrop subfascial or dual plane or a lift with the same implants
  3. thanks guys. im getting a second opinion. Its something i want to know way before surgery xx
  4. Argh! so long to wait! It's horrible. I keep having dreams of botched boobjobs lol how bad is that!? Who is your PS and what are you getting?? Do you know?

  5. Thanks guys. I am going to have some consults here; I almost think im just going to get the procedure done here now...seeing my surgeon before any procedure will make me feel more comfortable. I want to know exactly what I need way before surgery!
  6. So I have been organising my breast surgery through a company and they have been wonderful. I just got my recommendation back from my dr (overseas in phuket) and its totally the opposite to what I want. I also feel its what everyone says saggier boobs shouldnt get. I know i shouldnt belive everything I read and he is the dr at the end of the day but I cant help feel worried. I also do NOT want a breast lift (im 26 and saggy c from weight fluctuation- pics on my profile) ive seen other girls who are similar to me maybe even saggier and they didnt need one. The recommendation says I may need a lift depending on my measurements on the day. I dont feel thats a decision I want to make ON the day of my surgery (considering I dont want a lift anyway). Im terrified if I go and i 100% need one I will have wasted my time. Sigh im super sad now
  7. Dr boonchai seems to be very popular on here. My friend got a ba with dr narupon last year and had fantastic results. She went from a cup to dd xx
  8. Just saw yours is in nov, hows the wait!! I have til sept and so excited

  9. holy hell accom too...that sound too good to be true really lol...i think you made a good choice choosing piac
  10. how much are you paying at paic? mines 115,000
  11. I'm going to book directly through PIAC! :)

  12. Hello! Are you going through a company or booking directly through piac? xx

  13. Hi! I sent a friend request, hope you don't mind. Would love to keep up to date with your journey as mine will be a few months after yours with the same surgeon! Xo

  14. Can anyone answer this- is it better to get round over teardrop if you have existing breast tissue and want to minimise getting a lift? Or does it really depend on your breasts?
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