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    Breast Augmentation 2015
    Going 350cc smooth round HP unders hoping for a D.
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    Craig Rubinstein February 18 2015
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    169cms, 55kgs 10B Pre-op. Post-op 10E!
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  1. Hi Hun! I just replied to your pm about Craig. All positives from me, cannot recommend him higher, such a positive experience with him. Xx
  2. Hey lovely! I do pole dancing (fitness only) and this had a lot to do with my surgery decision. Pole involves a lot of pull ups, inverting, and upper pole strength. I also do other classes that involve a lot of push-ups etc. I was advised not to do any of this until at least 8 weeks post op! I'm over 3 months now and I'm back into pole dancing as normal including push-ups! It is completely doable if you have a good surgeon. Sure at first it feels weird...like your hand squeezing a stress ball, except the hand is the pec muscle, and the ball is the implant lol. As I've got stronger again I can tense my pec muscles and it makes my implant move a little as it tenses over it. But you get used to it, just make sure you wear a really good bra! I got professionally fitted for a shock absorber bra, and the girls stay put the whole workout its fabulous! If you're at all worried though but really want to compete in your comp....I'd say book in for your surgery after you compete. Xx good luck!
  3. I agree, sleeping pills and chamomile helped me a lot. I slept with two pillows and then a boomerang pillow for 2 weeks. The advantage with that pillow is my arms were propped up a little too making sleeping easier, also had a travel pillow round my neck for a bit to help. After 2-3 weeks I was down to 1 pillow and the boomerang, and at the 1 month mark I was back to sleeping on my side Xx
  4. Wow 700cc!! That is fantastic! You go for it girls. If I didn't have to hide mine I would have loved to have gone bigger. If you can, I say go for it!
  5. I got measured at 8 weeks but they would only sell me wirefree bras as to not irritate my scars. Now at the 3 month mark I got measured again and have changed size completely. Get fitted but don't spend too much on bras at this stage as you'll have to buy more in another month or so xx
  6. I'm almost three months and they are still changing! I was scared they were too small in the beginning, now they are perfect. I would say I have gone up 3-4 cup sizes from my 1 week review to now as the skin was so tight in the beginning! Be patient my dear they will change so much still xx
  7. I went to the beach and also theme parks 5 weeks post op and was fine, I did leave incision tape on though and made sure there was no exposure of the scars to the sun Xx
  8. You'll be fine Hun, I went shopping 2 days after and was completely fine! Was also driving after 5 days! How exciting...woooo boobies!! Xx
  9. Ahhh the old boob greed, majority experience it. Some days I look and think perfect, but definitely next time I will go bigger. If you can afford to and you feel you'd be a lot happier with bigger boobies, go for it!!
  10. Sorry to hear Hun, this is one of my fears, it seems to be more common than I thought. Contact your PS ASAP and try get in for a consult, or send photos for advice. Xx
  11. I have anxiety! It was worse when I was a kid but it rears its ugly held every now and again. It did about 12 months ago but I've been on medication ever since. I was scared about everything prior to surgery and worried I would have episodes. I had to go through surgery and recover alone as I couldn't tell my family about it. Surgery has come and gone and I was completely fine! Of course I was nervous but had no episodes or anything! You won't go backwards if you're like me Hun. If anything getting this done for myself has helped me and my self esteem, and also my overall happiness xxx
  12. I went to get one at 6 weeks and was told that I won't be an accurate size yet as too early. Was told to stick to sports bras/supportive wire free bras until 3 months, then I can wear underwire bras. Pretty sure you can get sized now but just keep on mind they still have a lot of changing to do. Just make sure it's not underwire yet xx
  13. I ended up going with the first surgeon I saw. But after much consideration I had a few more consults. Even though I still went back to the first surgeon it was still good to reassure myself that I had chosen the best person for me. Good luck! Xx
  14. I wear the carefix range and love them all! I also wear the berlei sports wire free bras to work, and the complete comfort removable wire bra from bras n things for going out/special occasions. Im almost 3 months and looking forward to being able to buy a sexy bra yippee! Post op for a few weeks I'd wear the carefix range they are amazing! Xx
  15. I drive a manual and I drove to my 1 week review through busy traffic no dramas.
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