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  1. lambi

    Botox Beginner

    Shannon is great... she used to do mine on the sunny coast. It has since left! Now I don't know who to go too..
  2. lambi

    I just read your Botox msg on Shannon. She was my Botox lady on the coast and is awesome... but now she isn't coming back up here! I'm so bummed she was awsome 

    1. Win


      Yes she's the best! Argh so frustrating I don't know what I would do if she left now lol its so hard to find someone like her, she might be able to recommend someone though?

    2. lambi


      i know...since she has left i haven't trusted anyone else. if she has any recommendations up here then that would be great xx

  3. im not sure...somedays i like them and somedays days i think they are too big and heavy...might get smaller ones or removal in a couple of years.
  4. Hey Everyone, I had my breasts done a year ago and had a horrible time with it all...i had heaps of complications and I'm scared to go back and do it all again but I feel like my size is too big for me and they are so so heavy. I went from practically nothing to a 10e(overs) and I'm missing my small boob! I'm worried tho if i just get them taken out then they will look really bad as i had them placed through the nipple (tuberous reconstruction). If anyone has downsized id love to hear about how you feel now and if anyone can recommend a good reconstructive surgeon in brisbane?? thanks
  5. Hi, I had mine a year ago and I'm thinking about either removal or getting smaller ones. I went from nothing to 420cc overs and feel really big and heavy. Id love to know how you go with your removal. good luck
  6. I'm five month post op and have overs. i have checked out big w but for some reason out range here on the coast is so *****...there was hardly any stock and i like to try before i buy. i did get one from there which was bonds...fits great but it has so much lace and is bright orange. can't find a smooth white 10e anywear in store. i might hafto just get the 12 dd altho they don't fit as snug round my ribs. i love under wire too! as long as it sits flush between them
  7. thanks everyone for the advice/replies. i live on the sunshine coast and we have the shittiest myers ever have hardly any e's!! and overtime i fine a 10e its always in a really high vis colour...i just want white! can any of you out there recommend a good full coverage strapless??
  8. hey everyone, i have 420cc moderate plus teardrop shape 'overs' and feel too big. Im having heaps of trouble finding 10e bras in stores as well which is annoying. i don't know how other girls go finding bras cos i know heaps of girls go bigger than me. I really don't want another surgery but i feel like they are huge and am having trouble getting used to trying to fit them into clothes and bras. anyone else out there having these troubles?
  9. Hey Everyone!

    Altho i had a few set backs, Im feeling really happy now with my result! everything has turned out great, they just took a little time to settle. I think the anaesthetic really effected my mood, but now its out of my system I'm feeling really positive and loving what i see. 

  10. awww zelda, I feel for you. What size implant did you have? have you spoken too your surgeon about your unhappiness with them? I have overs too...im a bit depressed aswell as iv had dramas with my right breast, one thing after another.
  11. Im having the same problem! i slept with two pillows and must of slept too much on one side and had to rest all day with an ice pack under my right armpit It feels like a pulled muscle and bruise! well guess I'm back to sleeping on my back again.
  12. I went moderate + and i love them... i wanted that natural look.
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