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  1. hi girls I have a wedding coming up in October and I want to do something about my crows feet and under eye lines as I hate the way makeup sinks into them when I smile lol. can anyone tell me which is better out of disport or botox? and any perth girls can you recommend a place to get them done?
  2. Hi girls has anyone needed physio after their breast augmentation? For example for muscle tightness/ to help with settling etc?
  3. Hi girls has anyone needed physio after their breast augmentation to help with muscle tightness or to help with implant settling? I'm worried my right implant is again not settling as it should.
  4. Hi girls has anyone needed physio after their breast augmentation to help with muscle tightness or to help with implant settling? I'm worried my right implant is again not settling as it should.
  5. Hey Hun I had dr tavakoli and he was amazing ? I have teardrops and he uses the mentor textured implants mostly which have a very low rate of complications
  6. Hi girls I have 555cc high profile teardrops have uploaded recent photos if u want to get an idea. I'm roughly 5'7 and 64 kgs ?
  7. Ice packs if your surgeon allows them, laxatives for after surgery, a v pillow for sleeping, loose comfy clothes ?
  8. hi girly girl sorry to hear you're feeling so down. I also think they look great and that you have fabulous braless cleavage! I remember feeling this way after my first surgery, and to be honest I found it helped to take some time away from this forum and throw myself into something else I enjoyed. Like you I was spending too much time obsessing over my boobs and it was driving me crazy! After shifting my focus elsewhere for at least six months I kind of managed to get my perspective back and realised they weren't the centre of my happiness. Hope that doesn't sound too harsh and you can find some positives because you look great
  9. Hi girls ? Just wanted to let you know I found a lovely bra that fits great, it's the bonds lacies plunge bra. Fits beautifully, looks great and is only $39.95 ?
  10. Hey Hun ? I got told four weeks I could start using my silicon gel
  11. Oh cool! Yep I was looking at both surgeons too they are both awesome ? Not long til your surgery u must be excited! I would also suggest buying some stuff to get your stomach going again after surgery and start taking it as soon as u get back to the hotel x
  12. Hi ? How exciting! I'm a dr tavakoli patient and I flew over from Perth, don't stress everything will go smoothly. I would remember to take ice packs and your post surgical garments ( if any). And would wear a loose stretchy top or zip up hoodie for after surgery ?
  13. just had my two week phone appt I can take these tapes off and sleep flat again thank god, also im allowed to go bra shopping this weekend yay! only thing not doing as its told is my stomach
  14. I know it sucks! My back is killing me lol I think I remember the nurse saying two weeks just want to check. Why did your previous surgeon tell u she couldn't go larger than 285xhp when dr dona was obviously happy to? I think I remember u asked her a few times?
  15. I know what u mean, I'm anxious to see how my cleavage will settle as well. That was my problem last time round too big a gap! I'm two weeks today get to take my tape off and hopefully find out if I can stop sleeping upright ? I have heard great things about dr dona!
  16. Omg woman they look awesome so far! You must be so stoked ?
  17. I remember that too but think the doctor they were talking about wasn't that highly regarded
  18. I find them interesting to watch! I watched all of dr tavakolis videos on his website before my first surgery. I wanted to know what was going to happen ?
  19. Just saw dr t's Facebook page apparently he is taking snapchat into surgery? I thought of you lol I'm interested to hear what happens!
  20. hi my first set were 375cc moderate plus profile, im 64kgs and roughly 5'7. I liked them but wouldn't have minded them being slightly bigger
  21. I'm not sure about your surgeon Hun but mine said strictly no weights for at least three months.
  22. Oh that's exciting! I had a revision last week due to hardening in my right implant, went from 375cc moderate plus to 555cc high profiles ? When are u going in?
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