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  1. I stopped the pill today and cancelled my appt to get the Mirena. It's freaking me out! I'm just going to use comdoms until I build up the courage to do something. My moods are just so bad right now I can't risk going crazy for awhile. I think I need my hormones to go back to normal then I'll reasses. The nuvaring? If you insert it like a tampon, how are you meant to have sex? Excuse my ignorance?
  2. I'm actually now thinking of getting the copper iud as it has no hormones at all. You just get heavier periods. But if that's all you get over serious mood swings perhaps the copper iud is the way to go?? Has anyone got this or know of anyone that has used it?
  3. Ohhhh god! I'm praying my mood swings go away. It's a smaller hormonal release in a localized area so I'm praying it works! :-))))
  4. When you say 18 mths to settle down? Do you mean mood swings etc? I don't think I can put up with another day let alone 18 mths? Lol
  5. Thanks guys, you have made me feel so much better and think I'm making the right choice. The havoc that all pills have on your body and mental well being is not worth it. My boyfriend thinks I'm psycho and doesn't believe it's the pill, but I actually feel so irritated over absolutely everything. The Merina I'm hoping will rid me of all these symptoms and hopefully get me back on track. My boobs have never been so sore, and constantly spot in Yasmin. I thinks it's making me depressed too. Thanks for all the feedback xxxxx
  6. Have you ever been on the pill before? And if so did you why moody? Do you get any side effects from the Mirena?
  7. I've made an appointment on Friday to have it inserted so hopefully this doesn't make me troppo either. I've heard of it potentially piercing the uterus or getting dislodged or the string thing getting in the way.... Anyway fingers crossed it levels out my moods because if it doesn't I'll be single very soon!! Lol!
  8. Yasmin, levelin, Brenda, brevinor, Diane. I've tried them all and I feel like murdering everyone. I'm so irrational over everything I can't even stand myself right now. The pill is nasty. The mirena sounds like the way to go but man sites have said that it isn't recommended for women that haven't had children yet, and that it can cause pelvic infections, reduces libido etc. Donatella have you experienced anything like this and do you have children? Is it a simple insertion at the gp or do you go under anesthetic?
  9. Ohhh i wish i could free ball and be risky but I haven't been in my relatiosnhip for too log so can't take the risk. But MY GOD i am a head case on it.I need to try something else. I''m hoping the Marena is the way to go....
  10. Hi guys, can someone please help. I have just started taking Yasmin and not only has it made my boobs a cup size bigger, it is sending me mental. I feel crazy and out of control on it but I need to be on something other than condoms. My boobs are already an E cup so going up a size isn't ideal for me, plus they are so sore. Has anyone been on a pill that hasn't made their boobs sore and huge and also psycho. I have heard the iud marena is quite good but have just googled some info and that says it can pierce your uterus or dislodge and cause all sorts of problems. Any help would be great Thanks xxx
  11. Me too! I had surgery at the end of April so am coming up to the 3 month mark and am happy so far. So many more changes to come but they all come with a little patience and time. Can I FR you?
  12. Haha Cheerios, I know what a shame. But still, heads up Myer and DJ's will do your head in. If you're going same sizeish as me you'll possibly be an E too, so bras n things is great. They have they're own brand of bras now which is good so yes I gathered they've cottoned to the fact that many girls out there have fakies and have pretty bras in bigger cups.
  13. Haha me too. I'm going back today while the sales are on. Soooo much fun xxx
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