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    BA w/ Dr Narupon. Crease incision, subfascial, 450cc+
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    Dr Narupon, 23rd June 2014
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    171cm, 67kg, 12B
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    CrossFit, Weightlifting

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  1. Hi chem! I'm getting almost the exact same implants, placement and profile as you, I've sent you a FR, hope that's okay. Couldn't send you a message on your page xx
  2. Hey Brookie, I'm getting Nagor as well, I'll send you a FR. I've sent you one too Pumpkin the difference between mod and high in 390 and 420 is only 5 mm. It looked like I would have massive side boob with the 390 mods, so I'm thinking I may get the best of both worlds with the 420 high profiles. My PS is very conservative and doesn't like creating fake looking boobs, which he's worried will happen with the hps
  3. Hi ladies, I'm hoping some of you can help me! My PS liked moderate projection as he believes it looks more natural that higher projection implants. I'm stuck at 390cc with mod, but could go up to 420cc with hp! Sizers with mod had awesome side boob, but not much projection. I'm getting subfascial overs, has anyone made a decision on either one of these projections?? If so, what were your reasons? My BWD is 13cm, I'm currently a 12B, hoping for a DD
  4. Hi Jaddles, I've sent you a FR bc I'm looking at subfascial implants :) hope that's all good!

  5. Sorry love have not had a chance to get on here for ages!! have sent u a new FR xx

  6. I told my fiance n close family/friends when I went 2 have it done the 1st time round, then it was just my fiance, mum, sister n best friend the 2nd time around. I didn't want 2 put a bad stigma on surgery overseas n have the 'I told u so talk' from ppl who were happy 2 share their opinions about it cuz I chose a really bad surgeon 1st time round. I think that's the hardest part. when I go out it's hard 2 hide lol n I have more confidence then I did before! Yeah it's hard 2 barter wen ur not used to doing it, my sister taught me cuz I was a sook 2! I felt bad in a big way lol! No I threw the bra in my cupboard n haven't looked bak lol I find it comfy sleeping in a crop or tight singlet than anything! And didn't sleep upright either I'm a tummy sleeper and there was many times I woke up after surgery on my tummy! I know it was bad but it was so hard sleeping upright! I I didn't feel right! So how long are u planning on staying in Phuket?

  7. Hey girls! So glad there's a June thread now, I'm so excited! I'm getting subfascial placement with crease incision by Dr Narupon at PIAC on June 23rd hoping for atleast 450CC! Currently a 12B, hoping to be DD-E
  8. Hey sweet giant! I added you as a friend bc I'm getting overs in June and I'd love to hear about your experiences!

  9. Hey Lala, hope it's all good I've added you as a friend, I'm getting overs in June and I'd love to see your pics! Xx

  10. I definitely have, I looked at getting overs with them but I'm quite keen on subfascial for the additional support!! Yay you must be so excited! I'm not off until the end of June, will definitely be following your progress! Wha are your stats now? Any idea what you want to be?

  11. Thanks Dee!! I hope so, it's all I can think about at the moment haha boobs on the brain! good luck for your surgery!! I'll FR you :)x
  12. lol yeah i though so. TCI do overs and unders as i have double checked as i am wanting under the muscle. You should look into it. How soon are you planning on getting it done? im off in just over 4 weeks so your welcome to follow my progress afterwards

  13. Hahaha must be an awesome party trick!! Did you tell many people when you got your 1st BA? Haha I'm so bad at bartering, I'm hoping my bf comes so he can do it for me hahaha I'm too much of a sook!! Haha do you still wear it sometimes? To bed and stuff? How did you find sleeping upright?

  14. wow crossfit n powerlifting! That's awesome! over the muscle would be beneficial for u! I do lite weights at the gym n notice muscle lifting when i lift n that's only at 18kgs! I can flex them myself too which is funny cuz i freak people out haha! I hope u don't get cc it's not nice! I don't know wat my plan is if it happens again! So much $$$ involved n the time out to go back i don't think i could handle it again! Yep i bartered as much as i could with everything lol! except in shops like tesco lotus n that are like our coles/safeways but the little boutique places i did! Depends on the shop tho some might just have a fixed price. lol i had to buy a suitcase n pay extra baggage when i left haha i went overboard! at times i do miss having small boobs just so i can wear some of my old tops i know what u mean tho! Loose tops n that dont work for me either! The bra is not cool! it's not a sexy piece at all! haha! My partner laughed when i got home and showed him it was embarassing lol!

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