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    BA w/ Dr Narupon. Crease incision, subfascial, 450cc+
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    Dr Narupon, 23rd June 2014
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    171cm, 67kg, 12B
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    CrossFit, Weightlifting

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  1. Got my boobs done 19 th dec had best experience no hiccups or anything . He was awesome loved him more coz his young surgeon to so he understands when u explain what you want and his very direct too n informative , not to mention he was so sweet when I went under he told me to have a lovely sleep lol . They have been good tho I emailed every week for first 6 weeks to monitor progress n I email monthly now n his happy for that. Also they have a guarantee so long u stay the full recommended time I stayed there 19 days so that I heal up good n any dramas can be addressed early on. They've so clean n PIaC is like a hotel lol my room was nice nurses attentive in n ur all time , check to see if comfy n he visited me heaps. I chose to stay hospital 2 days I had no pain at all I was up n bout straight after surgery no real bleeding at all n my stitches healed in 4 days he was amazed lol