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  1. Hey ladies!! Im booked in for a BA with Dr Szalay on the 7th may and i am unsure on which implant size and its driving me insane! I am 164cm tall, 58kilos, currently a 12C (with padding) but look like a B cup naked. Im pretty sure my breast width is 12-12.5cm. I want to have DD cups, that wont make me look top heavy. I do have a curvy bum now though so i wana look big and in proportion but not 'look at her fake tits'! Haha Any girls out there with similar stats that got 390cc or 445cc? High profile. Thanks in advance!!
  2. oooh how exciting!!!! what surgeon are you going with? i have mine booked in with dr szalay on may the 7th and im getting nervous from now haha god knows how i will be the day before! good luck x
  3. Oohhh thats soo exciting!!!! I booked mine for the 7th may :-D im getting 445cc high profile textured round im super excited but really scared of the results! When i tried on the sizer for 445cc they felt good and balanced out my booty. I just keep having these scary thoughts that im gona end up having massive melons because 445cc sounds huge! Dr szalay said if anything im gonna lose 10-20% as im going under the muscle. Fingers crossed all goes well! Anyone out there have 445cc high profile that started with a small C cup? My stats are 164cm tall & 58kg
  4. Yeh i guess im just stressing out because i feel like time is coming close and i want to know exactly what i want...my 2nd consult with dr szalay is this friday and i want to book my surgery while im there (im hoping to have surgery in 3 weeks if possible!). Iv decided to go with high profile my girlfriends with implants say theirs started off very high but with time they do drop and have a nice slope which is what i want, so i will just have to be patient. Im super excited though!!!! I accepted your friend request Dreamy, i cant wait to hear how you go with dr szalay!! So excited for u haha
  5. and im pretty sure my BWD is 12-12.5cm
  6. heyy ladies!! sorry i took AGES to reply! yes anyone feel free to friend request me i have decided to go with dr szalay, but im still tossed up between moderate plus profile or high profile. i know im going textured under the muscle, 400cc (im hoping thats not too big as i only want to get DD's and i am a C cup now). its just the profiles that are driving me insane!! i do want to look as natural as possible but still have perky big boobs with good cleavage..if that even exists? lol
  7. Hi mbm911, im thinking to book dr szalay to do my BA. I saw your earlier post that you ended up cancelling with him. Can you please share why that was? I have seen many great reviews but would be interested to hear your story. I have had a bad rhinoplasty in the past from not doing enough research and really just dont want to make another mistake. I would really appreciate it xxxxxx
  8. thanks alot for all of your replies I have just seen dr luke stradwick (i have seen dr michael szalay too) and i think stradwick will be ''the one''. im seeing dr kim harwood tomorrow though so i will choose out of him and stradwick as szalay is now out of the picture for me lol. Dr stradwick uses Naturelle branded implants and he recommended that i get the high profile 385cc. i told him i want to be a DD but he says he cannot predict the cup size and to focus on what will suit my body etc. i am going to do a bit of research on the naturelle brand as like you said chichi, there may be very little difference between another brand's moderate profile. so many decisions!!
  9. hi everyone!! i was wondering if anyone could share any information/experiences that can help me... im currectly having consultations for breast implants (i have seen Dr Michael Szalay, and have appointments booked with Dr Luke Stradwick, Dr Kim Harwood and Dr Andrew Broadhurst). I am currently a C cup but that is very padded and push up bras, so more like C cup wideness and B cup fullness if that makes sense. I am 57/58kgs, 164cm tall. wanting to get a DD cup, as natural looking as possible (i dont want the in your face fake boob look) but also want fullness and cleavage. Im not sure whether to go for high profile or moderate plus profile. Dr Szalay recommended to go between 410cc-505cc high profile but im worried they will look like melons!! Im scared if i go moderate plus that I will regret it and be dissapointed if they look too flat or whatever does anyone have moderate plus or high profile DD's that are similar stats to me? i'd love to see any pics so that I can compare. Also if you have used any of the surgeons that I mentioned above?? thank you in advance Dina xx
  10. im thinking of using dr szalay too. would it be ok if i have a look at your pics? (if yes, how do i see? im new to this site ) thanks xx
  11. my mum had breast implants with sheree moko (mum is a breast cancer survivor). you can see the scars and they have not faded much - the lines seem to dip inwards where the cut was made. i wouldnt say sheree done a good job considering shes meant to be a 'reconstructive surgeon'. both breasts are completely different, one is about 1 and a half inches higher than the other. she did she that she cannot make them identical but this seems to be very off. i have heard heaps of great reviews about sheree so its surprising this has happened. on a completely different note - shortly after my mum had her breast implants done, i was looking for a surgeon to have a rhinoplasty with. i STUPIDLY went to see sheree as I had been to consults with my mum before and thought she was very understanding and professional. i chose her to do my nose job without seeing any other surgeons (yes i know very stupid of me. i was excited and had wanted a nose job since i was in primary school). anyway i showed her numerous pictures of what i wanted and explained what i didnt like about my nose. i asked her several times if she can give me what i want and she always said yes - i had a hump (greek nose) and she said she can use some of the bone to use to lift my tip. i even took her the pictures of what i wanted in A4 size on the day of surgery and handed them to her myself just before i was put to sleep. my nose has not turned out how i wanted it WHATSOEVER. its like she removed the hump and barely did anything to the tip of my nose. my nose now looks droopy and from the side view my nostrils curve upwards (i had neither problems before). the tip is bulbuous. i literally have to pluck a few nostril hairs as the way my nostrils curve upwards it exposes them. i have been back to tell her and she said she would fix it once its been a year but i have chosen to stay well away from her because i dont trust her anymore. the tip on my nose feels hard like a knuckle and is still relatively numb (it has been just under one year since the op). my nose also feels weak and not as solid as it was before. i feel devastated that this has happened to me as i explained in detail EVERYTHING to her, showed her pictures and she told me she CAN give me what i want. it isnt even similar. i wish i saw a review like my own before so i didnt use her. now i have to save up thousands of dollars again, probably even double because revision rhinoplastys cost more. anyway sorry for the essay. DO NOT USE SHEREE MOKO FOR A RHINOPLASTY
  12. hi girls!!! im currently searching for a fabulous surgeon to give me fabulous boobs i have seen dr szalay in brisbane and thought he was ok...worries me that he isnt a FRACS member and does the opertions in another room in his office under twilight sedation. however there are heaps of great reviews and i havent come across a bad review yet. Im booked in to see dr kim harwood next week and dr andrew broadhurst the week after, and im thinking to go and see dr luke stradwick too. How much did anyone pay stradwick for a BA? im hoping to stay under $10,000 as its all i have! has anyone seen any of the other surgeons i mentioned?? thanks in advance i appreciate any comments xxxx
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