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    Previously 185 rounds, overs with Dr Rastogi. Which took me from a small C to a D. Revision BA - 300 rounds, dual plane mentors mod plus with Dr Miroshnik on Thurs 24 April 2014
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    Dr Miroshnik
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    156cm/51kg & now 10DD

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  1. @Minnie Mouse Im sure all will continue to be fine for you. I had my first implants for 15 years without developing CC so I also don't think the two are associated in that regard. I had my consult and my revision is next week, and apparently this new mentor does contribute some cost to replacement if CC occurs so not a full guarantee but good to know
  2. I fell pregnant a month after my surgery in May 14 and when I stopped breastfeeding a few months ago I realised I have CC in the right boob. Also side rippling on the left boob (what is that?). It's been terrible and I'm now looking at replacement with dr m 😞 It's so uncomfortable and I had to hide my boobs this summer even though I felt good about the rest of my post baby bod. In regards to autoimmune, I had my first implants 15 years ago and, although no doctor confirmed the association, I discovered I had ridiculously high levels of ANA (autoimmune nuclear antibodies) following this. I haven't develop an autoimmune disease but it was just odd. I had those original ones removed so I will have another blood test to compare the readings at my next appt with gp. I would like to know if I should go with the Brazilian furries this time to help prevent CC (I understand it's no guarantee of course). I also have private insurance and hope it covers some of the cost 😳 All for the love of boobs lol!!
  3. I saw Richard on Wednesday, he took some more measurements of me, he concerns that my frame gonna be too narrow for the 400cc, we both agree to get the smaller implants, the 400cc look ridiculous on me, the 350cc look the best but I would prefer the 375cc but I will leave it all up to Richard to decide what can fit me and what look best for me, I know he will give me the perfect boobs.

  4. Thanks for the compliment :) you have a great body and will look awesome with boobs wow. You are tiny frame though so 400s will look big on you, particularly HP :) you're going to love them!!

  5. Hey Harper, thank you for the message. I have not decide on sizes yet, I was suggested ranging from 375cc-400cc, I like the sound of 400cc but I am concern it may be too big for me as I am pretty small frame. I am going to see Dr Rahdon on Wednesday, then will make a final decision on sizes. By the way, you look A-mazing!

  6. Thanks for the Fr accepted, you look amazing in your pics by the way.

  7. Hi, may I pleases send a Fr request

  8. Thanks Aussiechic, good luck with your itchy boobs also
  9. I'm just over 3 weeks and sooo bloody itchy! Under the boobs and around the side. I stopped using the mircopore tape last Tues (used it for a couple of days only) and then used a caci care (I think it's called that) silicone tape I had already at home but also made me itchy. I started taking an antihistamine and stopped using tape completely for the weekend and tomorrow I pick up a new silicone tape that Dr M gives his patients. This morn I used bio-oil to stop the itch, I'm sure you're meant to wait to use this but I was desperate. Anyway, it soaked it right up and feels so much better. If anyone else has a solution I'd love to know also
  10. Hi, I'm a 10B/small C naturally and just had 300cc rounds last month. I think I'll be a D/DD
  11. wow thanks Bianca, crap though as the tape is just torture. I used the silicone tape today before I read your response, and took a antihistamine when I got home tonight. Itchy all over all day but less than when the tape was on there. This morning it looked so bad. I don't appear to have any scabs, but it's very red around it and around the side of the boobs as well I was scratching my boobs all day and had to tell my workmates I thought I was allergic to a new washing powder lol
  12. I had the dressing taken off the stitches today and had the tape applied, which needs changes every week or so. But since then around the tape is red and itchy and driving me crazy. So I took off the tape, had a shower and then dried it well, reapplied and then cool air on it with the hairdryer. This has helped for a short time but already feeling like it's getting itchy again. I just checked and it is micropore tape so I'll see how it looks in the morning. I do also have some silicone tape which I could start using but I'm only just passed 2 weeks post-op - too early?
  13. FR accepted Freshstart :)

  14. Hope u don't mind I sent a fr

  15. I can only vouch for Mr Miroshnik. I'm just over 2 weeks post-op BA (300 rounds) with him and extremely happy with the whole process. He has great staff, very happy and helpful, North Shore day hospital was a much better experience than where I had my last op and Mr M gave me the attention to detail and skill I needed (I had to have ruptured implants from another surgeon replaced so it was a trickier than a straight BA). They look very natural and he kept them conservative in size (prob a full 10D/small DD now) so they don't get too out of shape when I get pregnant soon (I hope). I had a post 2 week appt today with his nurse to remove the surgical tape and now have another smaller tape to help the scar to heal. I saw the scars today for the first time and they are very neat and minimal already. Ill then see him at 6 weeks. Really happy hope this helps. I did lots of research as I wanted nice looking boobs and just made sure I showed him pics of what I liked. I did however ultimately let him guide me as to what he thought would suit my frame best
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