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    Previously 185 rounds, overs with Dr Rastogi. Which took me from a small C to a D. Revision BA - 300 rounds, dual plane mentors mod plus with Dr Miroshnik in April 2014. Developed CC so had revision Implants in June 2019 with Dr Miroshnik. After CC again I had them explanted by Dr Barker in Nov 2019.
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    Dr Barker
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    156cm/51kg & now natural B-C

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  1. @Minnie Mouse Im sure all will continue to be fine for you. I had my first implants for 15 years without developing CC so I also don't think the two are associated in that regard. I had my consult and my revision is next week, and apparently this new mentor does contribute some cost to replacement if CC occurs so not a full guarantee but good to know
  2. I fell pregnant a month after my surgery in May 14 and when I stopped breastfeeding a few months ago I realised I have CC in the right boob. Also side rippling on the left boob (what is that?). It's been terrible and I'm now looking at replacement with dr m ? It's so uncomfortable and I had to hide my boobs this summer even though I felt good about the rest of my post baby bod. In regards to autoimmune, I had my first implants 15 years ago and, although no doctor confirmed the association, I discovered I had ridiculously high levels of ANA (autoimmune nuclear antibodies) following this. I have
  3. Thanks Aussiechic, good luck with your itchy boobs also
  4. I'm just over 3 weeks and sooo bloody itchy! Under the boobs and around the side. I stopped using the mircopore tape last Tues (used it for a couple of days only) and then used a caci care (I think it's called that) silicone tape I had already at home but also made me itchy. I started taking an antihistamine and stopped using tape completely for the weekend and tomorrow I pick up a new silicone tape that Dr M gives his patients. This morn I used bio-oil to stop the itch, I'm sure you're meant to wait to use this but I was desperate. Anyway, it soaked it right up and feels so much better. If an
  5. Hi, I'm a 10B/small C naturally and just had 300cc rounds last month. I think I'll be a D/DD
  6. wow thanks Bianca, crap though as the tape is just torture. I used the silicone tape today before I read your response, and took a antihistamine when I got home tonight. Itchy all over all day but less than when the tape was on there. This morning it looked so bad. I don't appear to have any scabs, but it's very red around it and around the side of the boobs as well I was scratching my boobs all day and had to tell my workmates I thought I was allergic to a new washing powder lol
  7. I had the dressing taken off the stitches today and had the tape applied, which needs changes every week or so. But since then around the tape is red and itchy and driving me crazy. So I took off the tape, had a shower and then dried it well, reapplied and then cool air on it with the hairdryer. This has helped for a short time but already feeling like it's getting itchy again. I just checked and it is micropore tape so I'll see how it looks in the morning. I do also have some silicone tape which I could start using but I'm only just passed 2 weeks post-op - too early?
  8. I can only vouch for Mr Miroshnik. I'm just over 2 weeks post-op BA (300 rounds) with him and extremely happy with the whole process. He has great staff, very happy and helpful, North Shore day hospital was a much better experience than where I had my last op and Mr M gave me the attention to detail and skill I needed (I had to have ruptured implants from another surgeon replaced so it was a trickier than a straight BA). They look very natural and he kept them conservative in size (prob a full 10D/small DD now) so they don't get too out of shape when I get pregnant soon (I hope). I had a post
  9. I'm day 11.. and I have 300cc round mod plus. You are similar size to me. I'm a bit shorter and naturally have a large B. I'll have D-DD I think once all settled. I think you'll be happy because you're getting HP and bigger size than me. It should look awesome on your frame. Everyone is so different. I do wish I had HP though like my previous ones. However they would be a lot more noticeable when I didn't want work etc to know and already each day they seem to be expanding a bit more as they settle in
  10. I say go bigger if your surgeon thinks they will look right on you, the high profile will also make a difference. I don't know of anyone who regrets going for the bigger option lol. I'm 11 days post op and went with 300ccs round dual plane and the Dr chose Mod Plus as I gave him the ultimate decision on size and wanted natural look. I'm 156cm and 51 kilos, you can FR me to have a look. I naturally have large B/small C and I'm pretty sure this will give me a D/DD. I previously had 185 cc HP implants for over 10 years though and loved the profile of them! Best of luck
  11. I had a revision after 13 years as a MRI showed I had a small rupture and I had pip implants which was a concern for my health. I paid for my revision completely as my PHI did not cover at all as my cover wasn't high enough and I would have had to wait. I'll be getting maybe $800 back from Medicare and I may be able to claim in my tax return due to it being a Medicare item. If anyone knows this please let me know. The pip type of implants prob attributed to the rupture and if I'd had safe implants I would have happily not had a revision. I think post breastfeeding it might be a different sto
  12. I've never regretted mine and I've had natural looking implants for over 10 years. I'm day 8 post op today of new boobs and these ones look natural too. It's all about the surgeon and telling him (and showing him pics) what result you're after. Some girls ask for the really enhanced look. My first implants were really soft in the end and I didn't like it. New ones are mentor and already softening, like Turkish delight firmness lol if that makes sense, but I have a bit of natural breast tissue and prefer them firmer than real boobs of a 38yo Brazilians soften too but they take longer
  13. I am really happy I went with Dr M, and I agonised over what surgeon was right for me. It's a bit of an obsession there for a while but you'll be fine. It's a relief once you lock it in. Loving the boobs as each day they look and feel better. I'll post up a new pic when I can Mollyjo, I was a large B or small C naturally and the 185cc round high profile overs got me to a D/DD. I'm pretty short 156cm and 51 kilos so they looked natural but great shape and I could make them look bigger or hide them. Now I've got 300cc round mod plus dual planes and I initially thought too small and wished I
  14. Thanks Ang. Also put on 2 kilos, so gross. Trying to walk it off
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