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  1. Hello I am a 28 yr old mum of 5 yep that was 5 girls :-D ages 10yrs, 8yrs, 6yrs and identical twins (preemies born at 26 weeks) now 10 months old. I am proud that my boobs fed all of my girls and did a wonderful job. i am approx 160cm tall, 45kg and a 10 flat chest. I am pretty active. My fiancé, after going through things i would not wish on anyone, has encouraged me to be selfish and give something back to myself. I love my girls but somewhere along the way I have lost a part of me something only some understand. I find myself with no confidence, I hate shopping for clothes for myself, I hate having to dress nice as most clothes need boobs of some sort, I'm happy at home in my baggy pjs, I have a wonderful job waiting for me doing something I love (hairdressing and beauty) but I'm too self conscious to go back, we can't set a wedding date as I dread the photos and the dress fittings, I'm not bubbly and outgoing anymore.So here I am on my journey to find me again.

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