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    Dr. Naropon on 16.5.2014

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  1. I've sent off photos to dr.narupon and just waiting for a response!
  2. Nah not red or hard or anything! I don't think I have an infection. How do I contact this person as piac? I used there's contact thingy on there website but haven't heart anything back for the moment. Does this 'lotte' have an email address?
  3. Thanks guys I really appreciate it. Dee what happened with you and what was the outcome?
  4. Hi guys, I had my breast implant (355cc, mod plus, overs) done in thaialand at piac with dr.narupon 2 and a half weeks ago. At this stage my right breast seems to be doing well, no pain, got all my feeling back and has dropped a little. My left breast however is not on the same page. It is sitting higher, looks bigger, has no feeling from the nipple down, and has started to do this wierd thing where whenever I walk I can sort of feel the implant moving underneath, it's gross, it's like something is jiggling around underneath. I literally hold my breast whenever I walk anywhere. I know I need to wait to see any final results but it's really stressing me out. I live in Melbourne and am contemplating trying to find a ps to have a look at it but don't even know where to start with that one. HELP
  5. Hey!!! I am currently in thailand and had my surgery last Sunday with dr.narupon and I would HIGHLY recommend him. I'm here with another girl who had hers done with him and she is also really really happy with her results. AND I had a friend have hers done with him a few months ago and she loves hers. I originally wanted dr. Boonchai but so happy I ended up with narupon!
  6. I exactly the same. Started at 60 and is guess is be close to 65 now haha. Heading home Tuesday night and I cannot wait.
  7. I'm currently in Thailand, I have been told by my hotel management that flights are not effected, either is travelling to and from the airport as long as you had your passport and tickets with you.
  8. Goooooood luck!!! Where are you staying?
  9. How common are catheters for just a ba?
  10. This time next week I will be getting operated on! So excited!
  11. Did you get two of the same size?
  12. And what did you wear while in t'land?
  13. Two as in two on top of each other
  14. Dee may I ask what compression or post op bra you used?
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