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  1. I was so scared of this too but I've had so many people ask if I've lost weight in the months after my surgery, I think the boobs were just more proportional and the overall shape more pleasing that it does make me look that way. Good luck!!
  2. I agree, not big at all. If you're broad you'll need those cc's to cover the width. A DD sounds like a great upgrade to me!
  3. Vivian


    I highly recommend taping them to get them flat. Even just some micropore tape from the pharmacy for a week would help heaps. The good thing about silicone tape/sheets is they are so gentle on the scar compared to micropore but if you want something you can buy tomorrow go the micropore. I did a thread on this not long after my surgery with a bunch of progress piccies in it if you want to search for it showing how much the tape helped.
  4. Yep! At least I think so and especially if you feel them compared to other textured (except Brazilians) or smooth implants.
  5. Ask to feel the implants, I regret not feeling my implant, I think it would have set better expectations for how firm they are now...
  6. I have a friend who breast fed babies after having implants for about 5 years and they still looked great too! You'd hate to not get it done and then later find out you couldn't breastfeed anyway or breast feeding just wasn't for you...
  7. Vivian


    Congratulations!! Keep up those painkillers and enjoy the pillow fort. Does the hotel have a pillow menu? That would be so useful in this situation. Two of everything please!
  8. Oh I had terrible posture but it's improved heap since my BA. It's like having them on my chest made me more aware and I want them to all ways look their best so shoulders back it is!
  9. Hi!! I'm going well! I haven't been on much lately but thought I'd better pop back for an update and see how everyone is going. Might stalk you now and see what you've been up to I've added the scar photos, which are going pretty well. I stopped using bio-oil and taping them around 9 months and they're sitting nice and flat. I might get back into the bio oil for 3 months and see if it makes a difference....
  10. Mine feel heavy when I take my bra off but I think it's worse when it's cold too! I didn't put it together until I read miss.lv post! I'm back to wearing my seamfree kmart crop to bed, it's just comfier to have the girls held close.
  11. This is an extension to my original post (link below), thought I'd better start a new one for one year post surgery.... One year post op and I couldn't be happier with my result! The shape and look are just what I wanted. I have lost a fair bit of body fat so get some rippling in the side boob when I lean forward, nothing you can see but I can feel it with my hand. The fat loss also makes them look a bit 'faker' when I've got no clothes on. I have most nipple sensation back but not as pleasurable as pre-op but I think it's getting there! I'm still numb under both nipples which I couldn't stand to start with but got used to it now. They still feel quite firm and definitely don't move or jiggle like natural breasts. They're more like new teenage breasts (That's how I want to look at it and I'm sticking with it!) They're still movable and soft and don't look hard or plasticky. I still just wear sports crops when exercising. I think this goes with the Allergen Natrelle 410HC implant as I've seen similar stories since getting mine of similar firm feeling experiences. My PS said at my 6 month check he didn't think they'd soften further but I think they have in the last 6 months. I'm quietly confident that the firmness means sagging might be delayed- fingers crossed! I'm doing full exercise a with pecs now (full push-ups, pull-ups, bench press etc) but still less weight than pre-op, not that they were huge anyway. I can also lay on my belly now without any thought which I wasn't comfortable doing at 9 months post op. So I've attached pics of pre-op and now with star nipples (sorry!) but if you want to see them star-less message me and I'll have to manually release photos... Hubby is protective of the boobies and doesn't wants piccies of them out there. Sorry for the long story, didn't want to miss anything!
  12. My PS didn't tell me to stop but I just stopped chest 6 weeks prior. Didn't want those pecs to be any tighter than they needed to be!
  13. Vivian


    Wishing you a smooth lead up and op!! You're so lucky to be in early, no time for nerves!
  14. I have less bounce when runningnow than before my BA. I just wear a lorna jane crop and I'm fine, not sure if that will change as time goes on but I'm 1 year post op and still firmly in place.
  15. I actually liked my vectra scan but my results are WAY better. I thought it was useful for showing the change in implant width/height to my breast shape and showing my PS what I did and didn't like. Definitely not great at showing exactly what your results will be though. You can have a look at my gallery for my vectra and results if you like.
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