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  1. Mine was jut an extra $500 that went to Mac credit no other extras
  2. congrats Dells! babe can I send u a FR? im booked with Dr Veerawat in 18 days eeeppp!! so so excited, having a lift too though but would love to see some piccies!!? was he amazing?? what size you go? hehe
  3. I went through MAC credit, 12,000 total, $8500 for surgery and accom, $2500 was flights for myself and my partner and our son:) I'm very happy!!!! replayments are $236 a month but we are paying about $300 to be on top! Best decision
  4. Awww don't worry! You wouldn't have done it if you weren't confident! I paid my final payment yesterday and was a little daunting handing over $8000 BUT im Soooooooo excited I can't beleive it's ACTUALLY happening, think about it all day every day and can't even imagine what they're gonna look like good luck! Only 6 days I've got 20 days to wait!!!!
  5. I like you haha your funny and hot the bail in the head!!! Yeeeeewewwww brining on boobs in three weeks hahha
  6. Ok! So all booked for the 27th with dr Veerawat in Phuket! Me my fiancé and 15minth old are going over two days prior and because in having a BA and lift I havto be there for 16 nights, so I need some pointers, what at to pack in hospital bag (2-3 nights I beleive) just purchased two careful bras off eBay!! I'm not sure how mobile I'll be after surgery I'm assuming at least a week if down time..? Do I need to take anything extra to hospital? Can't beleive I'm going to Thailand and don't need to pack bathers haha!! Pretty excited just want to be 100% prepared, so I'm comfortable and have everything! Super OCD HAHHA
  7. Yep give them a call I hadn't heard back from dayna for two days so called today and it just so happens she heard back but hadn't had the chance to contact me!
  8. Phewww that makes me feel better! Booked my surgery today so excited only 3.5 weeks woohooooo!!!!
  9. This may sound really dumb but if you went over seas you wouldn't be able to claim anything would you?
  10. Tem_20

    Booked In!

    awww sorry u had a crappy day but that's so exciting!! I booked too!! Dr V in Phuket on 27th may!!! omggggg 3.5 weeks away!
  11. im having my BA and lift in 3.5 weeks and have started using a product from the Herbalife range, im a wellness coach for herbalife and discovered this product that's SERIOUSLY AMAAAAAZING!!!! cleared all my stretchmarks from my belly after my baby and has made my skin so joy! its super cheap and comes in little balls of oil, I take them orally and cut and rub on my boobs and body. its like bio oil, vitamin E and all the other stuff on the market but times 1000000000000000 hahah!!
  12. What's this twilight thing your talking about ? X
  13. I'm scared of these drains..?! I'm assuming for blood? EWWWW it's my biggest fear !!
  14. Babe have you called them? I'm on the phone daily at the moment haha they're busy but I get impatient so I call and hassle the girls haha
  15. Hey guys!!! Eeeeeppppp so excited I'm waiting for confirmation for BL and BA on 22nd or 23rd may!!! My lucky fiancé turns 25 on the 22nd I keep telling him it's ok for me to be having surgery coz he's getting boobies for his 25th haha!!! So...traveling to Thailand, have told most people we are taking a family trip for two weeks haha but I feel weird telling people about my boibs... Judgment more than anything... U know.0, how can they afford that, they have a mortgage, a baby bla bla bla, what about when you have more kids.. I CBf with anyone's nego opinions hence why no one knows but clearly I can't come home with big knockers without everyone knowing... Is fb status too in ya face? Maybe just tell family and everyone else can just hear the word or whatever? What did all you lovely big boogied babes do? Xxxxxx
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