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  1. Hahaha yeah I've had some strange looks... Its more how do I stop them from rubbing, even the surgical bra touching them hurts Ive been putting pawpaw on them because they are a little dry and cracked but ill look into these silicone covers you speak of. Thanks
  2. I have the exact same thing in my left side... I saw my surgeon and he said nothing to worry about, it should relive its self in time but im not so sure... if its not better at my 8 week appt im going to get a second opinion. My right has been perfect no problems at all but a can feel the implant in my left side and it is causing me considerable pain where the crease is. I also have just come out in bruising in my left side, im now nearly 3 weeks post op and noticed the pain just over a week ago. I noticed the crease about the same time when my surgical tape came off.
  3. I had a BA nearly 3 weeks ago and my nipples and red raw. They have been pretty much on high beam since I had my surgery and on the weekend I went out and wore a strapless dress.... well it rubbed all night and now my nipples are killing me I imagine it is much like when you first breast feed. Any tips ladies I've been wearing band-aids on them to stop anything from touching them but even that hurts.
  4. Hi ladies, It's been 5days since my BA so I thought I'd share my experience with you so far. Went in on the 17th got 405cc moderate profile unders with a 13cm diameter. Surgery went very smoothly, I had low blood pressure when I first woke up so I had to wait until it raised before the nurses could give me any pain meds. The pain was nothing extreme just really uncomfortable tightness across my whole chest and the scars were burning, feels like someone is siting on your chest and its kind of hard to breath. When I first woke up I was feeling pretty underwhelmed with the size I actually had a cry on the way home as I felt like it was a waste of money and my surgeon hadn't understood what it was that I wanted. I'm feeling much happier with them now and glad that we chose this size, guess they grew on me (terrible I know). I took arnica tablets every 4hrs from the minute I got home and applied ice packs constantly for the first 48hrs which I cannot recommend enough I've had no bruising at all and hardly any swelling which is fantastic!! My right breast has softened and dropped a little already where as my left is still pretty tight, although this could be because I've been using my right arm more. My surgeon has strictly instructed me not to wear a surgical bra for the first two weeks and I was instructed to do light stretching exercises for the first two days. I will get my surgical bra fitted at my 2week check up appointment. Also I was not given any antibiotics or anti nausea tablets just endone and panadine forte which I took for the first three days. Any questions please feel free to ask, good luck ladies hope everyone's surgery experience is as smooth as mine. Xx
  5. I have mild sagging, I'm getting just a BA on Thursday so I'll let you know how I go my ps said that using the right implants you can achieve a good result without the need of a lift I'm trying to up load my befores - having some trouble so I'll take some in the next few days before my surgery
  6. Hi AmyVM Your new boobs look AMAZING!!! Can I ask what size you were before your BA?? Im getting 405cc Mod+ but your boobs are like my perfect result... thinking that maybe I should have gone with HP...
  7. Your stats are similar to mine although I'm a little taller and heavier I'm currently a 12C and planning on getting 395-405cc mod plus to take me to a full DD, so I think you'll be fine with size as I've been told similar. Your surgery is the day before mine so you'll have to let me know how you go.
  8. I've told selected family and friends (probably about 10 people), I've not told my work but one of my colleagues knows... they'll figure it out I'm planning on wearing big tops jackets and scarfs to work for a while. If anybody asks I'll tell them but I'm just not advertising it.
  9. Have you had your final appt before your surgery?? Do you know roughly what size you'll be?? I'm hoping to be big, I'm not a small girl and I have quite broad shoulders. Probably sounds silly but my only fear is waking up and them not being big enough. I brought a spare post op surgical bra tonight from a website called zodee.com.au the brand is carefix they are a lot cheaper than the one my PS will fit me with, I've already paid $100 for that one.
  10. Annie33rd Yay your my boobie bday twin I'm also booked in on the 17th!!! I'm booked in with Dr Tim Edwards in Adelaide. 167cm, 62kgs currently a 34C hoping for a DD - E. I had my last appointment before my surgery last week I'm getting 405cc round moderate plus silicones under the muscle. My PS had originally suggested 375cc moderate but I insisted that I wanted bigger so here's hoping I don't look like barbie lol
  11. Thanks for the reply Irene yes I will be following by PS instructions to a T!! Is there somewhere I can buy another surgical bra so that I can alternate the two??
  12. Hey ladies, Im booked in to get my BA in a few weeks and was wondering if you could give me some advice on good sports tops / bras etc to buy in Australia and which ones you liked best? Im getting fitted with one garment after my surgery by my PS but would like to get a few more as I don't like the idea of wearing the same one every day. Thanks x
  13. I need help... I saw my surgeon today and decided on 13cm diameter, moderate plus 405cc silicone implants... he had originally suggested moderate profile 13cm diameter at 375cc but I insisted that I want bigger! My question is should the diameter also increase with the larger cc size? I feel that maybe a 13.5cm moderate profile at around 405cc would be more appropriate instead of keeping the same diameter and increasing the size by projection?? Any thoughts??
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