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    Dr Jeremy Hunt, 21st October and 16th December
  1. Hi ladies!!!! I'm BA and BL on 16th Dec with Dr Jeremy Hunt in Sydney. CANT WAIT!!!!!!! Had a tummy tuck 4 weeks ago so will be a new woman by 2015 Good to see a big group!
  2. That's great news MrsRoseHiptea!!!!!!! I'm back in to hospital tomorrow believe it or not for scar revision. Basically I had an infection and now fluid is still building up in my belly so the surgeon wants to get it out. It's for the best. Means another week off work. Its so funny my friends seem to really pity me for everything I've gone through but the truth is its still all worth it! My BA was scheduled for 16 Dec but the surgeon thinks that will be pushes back Oh well. I'll keep you guys posted.
  3. THATS FANTASTIC LIZZY!!!!!!!!! I was lucky enough to not be admitted due to the gross things he did to my oozing drain site in his office!! Antibiotics are helping me a lot too. You poor thing I'm soo glad you're home! Keep us posted xxx
  4. Hi Hayley I had mine done on the 21st of Oct here in Sydney with Dr Jeremy Hunt. Obviously can't recommend any surgeons near you but happy to answer any questions if I can. I'm still recovering and have my compression garments on 23 hrs a day but I'm already happy with the results I had a tummy tuck done at the same time. I too lost a lot of weight. Let me know any questions
  5. They should offer you some laxatives new change! They did for me and my advice is take two of them! I said one would be plenty and regretted it haha tmi. Two of those and you'll be feeling fab!
  6. I'm with Msp!!! The first drain out for me hurt the most! The other 7 were a breeze and were in a lot longer! You'll be surprised how quickly the draining amount will change. Keep us posted filmy xx
  7. Soooooo glad to hear you're doing better!!!! Very true about being a pioneer in recovery....doesn't help that I work at the hospital sooooo that's a big reason I want to avoid it haha! I was getting chills before where I'd be freezing and shaking but the redness doesn't seem to be spreading knock on wood! Haha bad luck alright just want to be on the up and up! Makes me question going back in December for my boob job thats for sure although if my arms haven't healed properly (my arm pits haven't healed yet) he won't be able to do it anyway! Ahhhhh well!! Least we have tiny tummys hey??? Haha xx
  8. Hi Lizzy only just saw these posts! I too have an infection. Mine is just above my tt scar below the belly button its red and hot. I sent a pic to my surgeon and I'm on oral anti biotics as of today. one of my drain sites below my tt scar (basically on my vagina) burst yesterday and loads of fluid came out. I'm glad it is coming out actually. How are you feeling??????? You're definitely not alone xx
  9. Hey all has anyone had any troubles with infection post op??? Of course I have one back on the anti biotics and have to see the surgeon urgently on Monday but if it gets worse over the weekend I just have to head to the ED. One of my drain sites down below basically filled with fluid and then burst....wasn't pretty let me tell you!!! Those of you worried about ur surgeries don't be!! After everything I've been through so far its still all worth it when I look down and see my flat tummy
  10. Hi everyone I'm going from strength to strength now! Had my post op yesterday and they were really happy. Just have the tape on now. Was a good day because it showed me how much I can actually do. Been a bit precious I think but could walk further than I thought and uphill (parking was a nightmare). Can even have a glass of wine today for Melbourne Cup still get a little nerve pain but nowhere near as bad aa before. I couldn't be happier with my results!!!!!! My tummy just does not look like my own. My sister and I stood in front of the mirror for about 15 mins yesterday laughing at how amazing it was!!! Newchange my surgeon said no booze 24 hrs before. I didn't drink for a while before but then I had quit smoking as well so didn't want to slip up. I'm with u all. I would trade my flabby loose skin stomach for a scar any day!!!!! hope you're all fantastic and back a winner today woohooo xx
  11. Thoughts are definitely with you and your family Mrs RoseHipTea! I have no doubt everything will be fine. No doubt your little one has your strength! You wilk never guess where I am writing to you from.....HOME!!!!!!! well my parents house but still home! Couldn't be happier! MRI was fine. The nerve and little nerves around it are bruised but the injections have worked miracles! Even walked up the stairs!!! In desperate need of a nap xx
  12. Hey Team! I'm ok!!!!! Sorry for the depressed last message I had given up and hit send as the neurologist walked in!!!!!! He gave me injections into the muscle and I have been up walking countless times today...still with a four wheel frame but hey IVE BEEN UP!!!!! I even went to the toilet by myself! I have an mri tomorrow and then Mum has promised to break me out of here in the afternoon haha. They think after a few more injections and me walking around it should come good!!! You guys honestly have no idea what your words and thoughts have done for me through this. I'm sure there are people worse off than me and I'm such a baby but man I'm so happy to be up. Next hurdle is up without the walker THANK YOU ALL!!!! how are our new skinny minis????
  13. Congrats to our new flat tummys!!!!!!!!! Might pass you in the hallways....I'm still in hospital. My eighth day today. I waited all day so excited cause the neurologist was coming last night, nurses said around 9.30-10pm cause he has private rooms. 9.30 came.....nothing. 10 came....nothing. by 10.30 I was lights out bawling my eyes out. No one will do anything about THE ONLY REASON I AM IN HERE!!!!!!! I'm just getting so upset now. Surgeon is in at 7 am and he's gonna get a serve!!!! I've had enough now!
  14. Hey all! You're so sweet and seriously thanks for your support! The other 4 drains are coming out any minute and I'll be showering...not looking forward to getting back into my garments with all this swelling but oh well. They're hoping that my leg pain could be one of the drains rubbing on the nerve so time will tell. I'll be thrilled if that's the case !!!!!!!! Probably home tomorrow depending on the leg gotta stay positive I guess. Mums here with me so that always helps haha would u believe I got my period too???? Hahaha its all a bit funny now! Will update you all soon! Thanks again you guys are wonderful!
  15. Thanks guys! It's femoral nerve pain which happens sometimes apparently and really nothing they can do! Have to wait for the medication to kick in. No amount of pain meds even touch it. Had endone this morning before I got out of bed but did nothing! Just getting a bit over it all now to be honest. Crying hysterically daily due to the pain. Dread and put off even getting out of bed to the toilet. just want to be pain free!!!! I'll get there. Thanks again for your well wishes! Glad to read your stories though....gives me hope! Xx
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