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  1. I just told people who asked the truth. I wanted a flat tummy again and I wanted perky boobies again. People normally ask how it went and that's really bout it.
  2. The tummy tuck itself doesn't hurt anymore than a c-section but muscle repair is so painful.
  3. Yeah it was just a stitch that didn't dissolve properly and had to pop out. On the mend already
  4. Woke up this morning and even though there's still a hole from where it was there is no more gunk. Feeling so relieved.
  5. I have been cleaning it with tea tree oil and than putting benadine on it and covering it with a band aid. The four time I've changed it today I've gotten gunk out of it. Each time less and the last time it was only a very small amount. That's why I'm pretty sure it's a infection. The gunk doesn't smell and its white so I've got it early, thank god. I thought I was doing so well not having any complications. Glad this is only a small one though.
  6. Hi ladies, I'm 11 weeks post breast lift and yesterday I realised a little scab on the scar around my arola which was previously a little sore but than went away (thought my bra might have irritated it). When I touched the scab I had a sort of little explosion of blood and thick puss (gross I know) but I drained it all and now it's left a little hole there. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow but I'm really freaking out. I haven't had any troubles or complications before this and find it strange that after this long to get an infection. Has anyone else gotten a infection that long after surgery? TIA
  7. I had a BL with no implant and lost around a cup size. I was a DD now I'm more like a D. I was worried about getting implants and end up a E cup. So I'm super happy with my size now.
  8. I had a BL only. I was so worried that I should of had BA as well but I'm glad I didn't as they are still perky and still a decent size without the implant. I also was told by a few surgeons I could get away with just implants but they did note that they wouldn't be perky just fuller. Most of the surgeons suggested just a lift but if I wanted upper pole fullness to get a small implant.
  9. Oh lucky you. I'm feeling heaps better now though. Swelling is still there but has gone down a lot. I've started light exercise and am back to doing everything I done before the TT.
  10. Hope it all goes well. You will be so happy when you wake up on the flat side.
  11. I woke up with a compression band on in thailand. I brought my own but they gave me one as well. I'm now nearly 6 weeks post op and I've been wearing shape wear from 3 weeks post op also I still wear my post op compression garments. Can't wait till I'm garment free.
  12. I went through nab but that's who I bank with. My sister in law banks with nab and has loans through them but they wouldn't approve her loan for the surgery so she went through mac credit and they got her the loan through anz. I don't regret getting a loan for my surgery and went variable as well so we can pay it off quicker. It's all about living in your means. We worked out what our payments would be once we got the loan,done up a budget to make sure we weren't going to struggle and than went for the loan.
  13. I'm 5 weeks post op and my right breast is slightly bigger and sits slightly lower than the left. It seems that the right is healing slower than the left. My nipples are slightly different as well. I'm just wanting to know did this happen to you with one breast and than they change further down the recovery to be Even? I'm freaking out as I really don't want uneven breasts.
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