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  1. Hi mrsrosehiptea. I am nearly 14 weeks post op TT, MR and lipo. I was also told no heavy lifting for 6 weeks. I have four children, youngest being 12 months at the time. I found that it wasn't the TT incision that hurt more so the MR, I didn't have CS so I can not compare the pain. I also found that it wasn't the lifting that hurt more so the holding of my baby for a short period of time. You will find what works for you, just be careful and listen to your body. You don't want to run the risk of undoing the work you have had done. I also had a lot of support at home which can really make a difference. Good luck with you journey xx
  2. Some days it worse than others, I guess it depends what you do during the day. In a weird way I'm kinda glad someone experiences this too. No swelling would be good ;-) my swelling has gone down heaps, still swollen along the incision, more so on the pubic area but going down each week. I love watching YouTube clips too...can't help myself hehe my PS gave me the all clear to go to yoga and said to listen to my body, it should help to reduce and move the scar tissue. I just can't wait to stretch. I am going on Thursday night. I will let you know how I go..I have sent you a FR
  3. I am 7 weeks post op TT and MR, I also feel more swelling towards the end of the day. I have a tender area top right of my ab muscle, my PS said that it's my muscle getting used to working again . The nurse also said to put my garment on at night time for a bit longer, once I put my garment on it feels a bit better
  4. Oh Huga, I hope all goes well and you have a speedy recovery..
  5. The TT procedure does take a bit longer to recover from then a BA. Make sure you have a good suppurt plan in place as there will be certain things at home that you won't be able to do for the first couple of weeks. I haven't put any photos up yet, not too sure how to put them on yet so only friends can view them.
  6. I had my surgery with Dr T. I am just over 6 weeks TT, MR and lipo. I am really pleased with my results. I have been given the all clear to return to normal activities and exercise within reason. I can not recommend him enough. Now I'm thinking I want my boobs done ;-))
  7. I am so happy that your first day back at work went well and that you are really pleased with your results, it is definitely an emotional roller coaster journey xx
  8. Hi Simone. Wow what I big day I had.....so glad to be home. I was up and ready to go by about 9am however had to wait until hubby arrived and the discharge papers were ready. From the hospital I went and saw my Dr T and his nurse. My dressing was changed, I know it's a day early however it saved us a trip back up to Sydney. I am really pleased with the incisions and my new belly button. I made sure I had some pain meds before they changed the dressing just in case it hurt. We didn't get home until about 3.30pm.....I was pooped. When I saw my little boy I nearly cried and wanted to hold him so much......he laughed when he saw me and leaned over with a wide open mouth for a kiss. I have done nothing since being home, not too sure how I am going to sleep, hubby has put a tv and recliner chair in our room....just so I don't feel as bad making everyone be quiet when I try to rest. Hope your day tomorrow goes smoothly and you are home before you know it xx
  9. Hi Simone. I am 4 days post - TT, MR and lipo. I have 4 beautiful children.. 3 girls and 1 boy. Eldest is 13 yrs old and the youngest is 11 months. Yesterday was my horrible day and I was thinking what have I done. After a really good night sleep I woke up this morning feeling human again...stil slightly bent over and some discomfort. My drain came this morning and the I am being discharged tomorrow. I know it's only early days but each day is different and I guess we have to take it as it is.....trying to rest is important and listening to your body. My hardest hurdle is not being able to pick my baby up, I do have good support at home. I was also planning on going back to work in 2 weeks however might have to re-evaluate later. And also everything the girls have said above sounds like really good advice. it would be good to follow your progress as we had our surgery the same time. Have sent a FR.. hope you feel better soon Bonita
  10. Happy Easter frangipani girl.....hope you are still enjoying your flat tummy 🎉🎉🎉
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