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  1. Hey 3792014 :) hows recovery going? I remember you got 385's yea? Thanks for the nice comments and I'm sure you will look amazing too :) hope everything's going smoothly so far Hun! Xx

  2. I am 3 weeks post op and I have numbness and some pain as well
  3. Hi 3792014, fr accepted. Hope you have a speedy recovery!

  4. Congratulations, it does feel tight but it does get better

  5. hey 3792014. sorry it has taken me a few days but im in perth for a check up and have no internet! using phone as a hotspot to check quickly and have accepted your fr :) hope you're having a good recovery! will catch up when i get home to my internet!!! xx

  6. Hi southern girl sent I a friend request just had my BA done last week similar size to you

  7. How was your pain One week post op??? i am tight in the chest and sore especially in the back! How long does this last?? And how long till I am able to do things around the house property? Much appreciated!!!
  8. Thanks mollyjo... bit tight across the chest atm...I went 385cc high profile
  9. Thanks Gemini I got my BA done yesterday... Feeling tight!!! Got 385cc

  10. Hi bianca, I got 385 at cosmetic institute where did u get yrs done :) and when how r u going? When did ur chest tightness go away?

  11. Sent friend request thanks for yr comment

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